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Greetings Person , Be you friend or foe of the Dwarves? If you are a friend then perhaps you will be allowed to see the wonders of the halls of my kin, if you are foe then you shall be introduced to my axe!

Well then, i suppose i must assume at least for now that you are a friend Person , so allow me to tell you a few stories and then if you are undecided about whether you are a friend or not, you might be able to decide.

A Few Things About Myself

Right, I suppose I should tell you some things about myself first of all. I am Thorin III Stonehelm son of King Dain II Ironfoot, an admin on this wiki. However should you be looking for me in that wide realm known as Minecraftia, you shall find me using the name: Thramili Grorson.


Like everyone I have my favorites, here are a few of mine:


Weapon: pike or hammer

Drink: vodka, or moonshine when added

NPC: Dwarven Axe Throwers

Faction: Dwarves

Animal: Dogs

Suggestions I've made

New Dwarven Weapons and Weapon tweaks

Designs for Red Dwarven Weapons and Armour

Sarlluin, Sarncaran and Dwarven Brick

Well that's enough about me I believe, now on to the stories.


Now we reach what I can only assume is your reason for coming this far, the stories. I suppose the story of King Under the Mountain Thorin III Stonehelm son of King Dain II Ironfoot shall make a decent starting point.

The Story of King Thorin Stonehelm

Thorin III was born to Dain II Ironfoot in the Iron Hills in the 2866th year of the Third Age of the Sun. During his younger years he watched his father continue to build up the Dwarven realm in The Iron Hills and when he was in his 75th year he saw the retaking of The Lonely Mountain from Smaug and the coronation of his father as King Under the Mountain and King of Durin's Folk.

After the retaking of The Lonely Mountain, Thorin became the Prince of Durin's folk and became involved in the rebuilding of the Kingdoms of Erebor and Dale. Under his father's rule the Dwarves flourished and for the first time in over an age their numbers began to grow. This would not last forever unfortunately.

Shortly before the Council of Elrond took place, Erebor and Dale recieved messages from Mordor asking about the whereabouts of a certain ring of power and the location of the homeland of the Hobbits. When his father refused the messenger he was told that he had made an unwise decision and realized the veiled threat behind the words. Gloin was sent to Rivendell along with his son Gimli to seek council from Elrond regarding the matter.

When Gloin returned to Erebor and told Dain what had transpired at the council he realized that the problems the Dwarves had experienced had been but a small part of the bigger picture. Soon enough every Dwarf in Erebor was preparing for war, and this would stand them in good stead in the coming battles.

Within a few months, the battle they had feared was upon them, scouts from Dale had seen a massive army from Rhun marching towards the Mountain. The scouts reported that the army numbered at least One Hundred Thousand and was probably closer to Tow Hundred Thousand. Grimly the Dwarves of the Mountain and the Men of Dale prepared for battle, mustering barely Fifty Thousand Men and Dwarves they were outnumbered two to one at the least.

To defend their homes the armies of both Dale and Erebor with Kings Dain and Brand and Princes Thorin and Bard II at their heads marched to meet the Easterling army at Celduin. The forces of Dale and Erebor had an advantage due to their Dwarven forged armour which was superior to any owned by the Easterlings, however the enemy host was vast. Battle raged for three days before the Dwarves and Men were forced to retreat to the Mountain.

It was at the Gate of Erebor where Brand and Dain, leading a small company of brave troops, held the enemy at bay. Eventually Brand fell to the enemy and soon after Dain died defending the body of his fallen ally. Were it not for news of the failed siege of Minas Tirith reaching the enemy army it was likely that Erebor would have fallen, but as it was, the enemy was disheartened by the loss and the morale of the Dwarves was restored.

Princes Thorin and Bard II led a counterattack against the enemy army crushing the last of the Easterling's morale and causing them to flee. It was in this very battle that Thorin III earned the name, Stonehelm, when he wore a helm carved from the stone of the mountain's roots, as he led the charge against the enemy host.

After the battle, funerals were held for the two dead monarchs wherein all the Dwarves of Durin's Folk and all the folk of Dale mourned the loss of their kings for a week. At the end of the week of Mourning, Thorin III's coronation and he ascended as the new King Under the Mountain as well as the King of Durin's Folk. The same day in Dale Prince Bard ascended to becoming King of Dale, having been the second of that name to save the Men of Dale and Esgaroth from disaster.

The two new Kings soon set about rebuilding their kingdoms and healing the hurts of their people. Of the brave Men of Dale, Ten Thousand had been lost, and of the steadfast Dwarves nearly Fifteen Thousand were killed, more than any other battle since the great battle of Azanulbizar. One of the first events to happen after the funerals and coronations was the return of Gimli son of Gloin, who within a few years had returned to the south with many of the Dwarves of Erebor to build a new kingdom in The Caves of Aglarond as well as repair the gates of the newly restored Minas Anor.

After the end of the Third Age of The Sun, Erebor and Dale's relations with Rohan and the Reunited Kingdom became closer and the kingdoms became great allies and friends. Soon after the Beginning of The Fourth Age of The Sun, Durin VII, also known as Durin The Last was born to Thorin III Stonehelm, his birth, completing the prophecy that it would be from the line of Dain II Ironfoot that the final Durin would come from and mark the Final decline of the Dwarven Race. In his own time, Durin VII would live to retake Khazad-Dum from the clutches of Evil and there, the hammers of the Dwarves would ring upon the anvils until the end of the Dwarven race.

The Tale of Thramili 'HardHammer' Grorson

Now I suppose I shall tell you a story of another Dwarf, he is one of the lesser known Dwarven heroes, but he may, perhaps, have been the mightiest of all Dwarven warriors. His name is, Thramili HardHammer or Thramili Grorson, Lord of Ered Mithrin and Dragonslayer.

Thramili Grorson was born in the 2900th year of the Third Age of The Sun to Gror II* in the Iron Hills, and was thus the second cousin of King Thorin III Stonehelm. when he reached his 20th year he began learning how to use weapons and how to smith, quickly showing that he was a natural warrior, though not as great at the forge, he was still an excellent smith and when inspiration struck he could craft many great things.

By his 75th year, few among the Dwarves of The Iron Hills could match him in skill with weapons and he was already known to the Men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor as an accomplished warrior despite his youth. It was in this year that he forged his great Crow's Beak war hammer, Bahkzurdu, meaning The Mountain Hammer.

In his 118th year the War of The Ring began and the Easterlings marched towards Dale and Erebor. The easterling army however, made sure to cut off the Dwarves from sending aid to their King, blocking the roads into the Iron Hills and making many forays into them. It was during this time that Thramili became known and feared by the Easterlings due to his frequently leading the attacks against the scouting parties sent into the Hills and even leaving them to attack the companies guarding the Roads, because of the incredible force with which he struck, which no shield or armour could withstand, The Easterlings Dubbed him, 'Hardhammer' which became his name ever after.

Soon the Dwarves broke the siege of The Iron Hills and as the Easterling army retreated from Erebor they assaulted it and further decimated it, forcing the enemy to flee. Few indeed amongst the troops sent to destroy the Dwarves and Northmen survived to make it back to their empire in the Far East, for the Wilderland was wide and the entire length of their journey through them they were harried by Dwarves and Men. It was said that hardly had they crossed the river Carnen in mid-October when early winter struck and many died in the cold.

Soon after the beginning of the Fourth Age of The Sun and within a couple years of Gimli leaving to found a settlement in the Caves of Aglarond, Thramili led a group of Dwarves numbering nearly Two Thousand from the Iron Hills in a new attempt to establish a Dwarven Realm in Ered Mithrin. After a Long and weary journey he and his troop finally reached the ancient Halls of Dain I, and began to rebuild them. It was not long after they began these repairs when the first rumors of Dragons was heard nearby. The Winter was hard, even for Dwarves, for the smaller drakes continually made inroads on their reclaimed land and attacked their scouting parties, by Winter's end more than 300 had been lost to the Dragons and another 100 to the bitter cold.

Eventually, the Winter ended and the party finished most of their repairs to the outer parts of Dain's Halls and parts of the insides. It was then however, that the Dragon Attacks began in earnest, with many Dwarves being wounded or killed trying to protect the lone foothold they had in Ered Mithrin.

It was during this long Spring when Thramili earned the title of Dragonslayer. One day, an especially large drake by the name of Lusolth came upon the newly rebuilt Dwarven halls and attacked them, while he could not fly he could breath powerful flames, and thus he managed to force most of the Dwarven troops back into the caves, save for Thramili who had forged himself a new helm with a mask like visor which allowed him to withstand the flames. The battle between the two raged for several hours in which time both received many wounds from the other. Finally, after hours of nonstop battle with the dragon, for it had often crawled away from him as he delivered blow after blow to it with Bahkzurdu, Thramili finally managed to pierce one of its tendons with the spike of his hammer weakening the beast and preventing it from fleeing. After doing so he finally finished off Lusolth by severing an artery with the Spike on his Crow's Beak.

After the slaying of the drake the dragon attacks began to lessen as the Dwarves found their nests and lairs and raided them, forcing the Dragons to retreat away from the settlement lest they be caught with no holes left to hide in. Soon the Colony began to prosper and upon discovering the tomb of Dain I, the Dwarves took his crown from it and held a coronation to declare Thramili as the new Lord of Ered Mithrin.

Following these momentous events the Dwarves of Ered Mithrin prospered and expanded as Dwarves from all the clans came to help establish the realm and drive off the Dragons. In fact, it was these same Dwarves that eventually caused the extinction of Dragons by halfway through the Fourth Age.

Note: Gror II was not Nain's father who was Gror I but rather the son of Nain's younger brother.

Now that the Stories are over with

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