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One of the features I have in my mod, multi-arrowed bows.

I am a coder who likes the LotR Mod and appreciates the effort spent by the mod team to make it happen.

Because some issues crop up when running the mod on a Cauldron server, I decided to try to code both of the two possible solutions:

  • Fix the compatibility issues (hereinafter called "my patch") (This has been integrated with the main mod as of Update 35!)
  • Add the most commonly desired plugin features without need for Cauldron (hereinafter called "my mod")

I have been relatively successful with my mod, and have successfully written a compatibility patch.

I also have edited the SiegeMode mod, authored by Mevans/TheChildWalrus, to add several things like new modes.

About my mod[]

I should mention: my mod is server-side only, so players don't have to add a mod to their folder, or find a mudpack.

Several notable features my mod has:

  • New item attributes
    • Like equipment modifiers, but mostly unobtainable in survival mode (intended mostly for "relic" items on servers)
    • Soulbound attribute
    • Ring forging attributes (What happens if you craft all the gems together? Wait, the crafting table only has nine slots and there's ten gems? What if you hammer them to the cover of a book on an anvil?)
  • Custom crafting recipes
    • Completely configurable in game
    • Compatible with faction crafting tables
    • Anvil recipes, too
  • Permissions system
    • Every command in the game will have a permission attached to it
    • Some special permissions, like the ability to send colored chat messages, or even for custom crafting recipes
  • Discord integration
    • Allows for a server's global chat to post to a Discord channel and vice versa
    • Lets players PM Discord users and vice versa
  • Kits
  • Scripts
    • These are lists of commands that execute sequentially, specified in a text file in the server's files
    • Scripts can also support JavaScript, so you can make them highly conditional or add randomness
  • Roleplay chat
    • Completely separate from global chat, based on players' proximities
  • Several utility commands, like:
    • A cuboid fill runnable from a command block (like 1.8)
    • A teleport command that works between dimensions, using the new Fast Travel screens when in Middle-earth
    • An economy command, that allows for trading shops to easily use money
    • A conditional command that can check players' alignment, then execute another command if the player passes
    • Warps (/warp), muting (/mute, /unmute), nicknames (/nick, /realname), prefixes and suffixes (/f_titles), fly (/fly), vanish (/invis)
    • And many more
  • All added commands will tab-complete, making their uses easy to understand
  • You can also specify aliases or alternate names for commands if you want to

There are many more features than this brief list, feel free to ask me in Discord. I may not respond very quickly to posts to my message wall, but that's ok too.

Please note that my mod's features are subject to change: the more recent the feature, the more likely its behavior may change. This is because newer features are more WIP, and older features are pretty well tested.

I have several help files for certain features my mod, including one for all added commands.

About my edit to SiegeMode[]

This is not publicly available yet, but it adds several features:

  • 3 modes (2 new) of play:
    • Deathmatch -- the default mode, also the unedited SiegeMode play mode
    • Capture the Flag -- run to other teams bases, then run back
    • Domination -- capture strategic locations, and then
  • 2 rules
    • Max player lives
    • Max team lives

This edit is relatively WIP.

Downloads for fixes[]

Here is a link to the patch. It appears to work on all forks of Cauldron.

Here is a link to some builds of my mod for the second solution. I will say, the name of this project may be offensive, as it is an accurate description of how I feel about the base problem itself, Cauldron compatibility. You have been warned.

Contact me[]

If you have any questions at all about my mod, feel free to PM me on discord @Vinyarion#0292. I am on this wiki's discord and the LotR Mod's Official Server discord, as well as several other servers.

I am also on GitHub.