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I'm antisocial.


Hello there!

I am Vippes. Nice to see you!

I've recently joined this wiki. For the time I've been here I have been quite active on this wiki, and will try to help with whatever I am able to.

I am somewhat a Tolkien fan, having read the Hobbit seven times, Lord of the Rings five times, The Silmarillion four times and the Children of Húrin thrice. Other books I have also read are A Series of Unfortunate Events, the entire Ender's Game series, most of Rick Riordan's books(in my younger age)and Harry Potter.

Mod Favorites[]

Faction: Near Harad (Harnedor and Coast Southrons)

Mob: Gundabad Uruks (Their armour!and weapons!)

Biome: Far Harad Jungle, Pertorogwaith, Dunland

Weapon: Gundabad Uruk weapons

Structure: Barrows

Block: Carved Gondor Brick

Did you know?[]

-I can speak English , Chinese (pretty basic) and Malay(Eh, a little)


-I like cats

-I have a subtype of ADHD where I am not hyper but still attention-deficit.

-I love playing soccer; most of my father's side does, and my uncle played for the national team before he was injured.


Antisocial, remember?

Where you can find me[]

I play on a few servers where you can find me online quite often.

-LOTR Survival

-Eras of Arda:The Elder Days

I occasionally play on this server, so don't expect me to be there all the time.

-Fellowships of Middle-Earth