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Welcome Person, I am Willy The Wyvern, also known as Waqai. There was an old Waqai that still resides within me, but I have risen from the depths where I slumbered, and now the new Waqai is born, greater and stronger than ever. I have rebuilt Alqar, and the Wireni settlement of Qir has been established. I am grateful that I have been given this chance to return. Anyways guys...

Mae Iovannen!

(If any of this makes no sense to you, you haven't known me for that long. I was wrongly banned once by Wikia itself. If you are curious about my past, here's my old account...)

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Fun Facts[]

I've created my own fantasy world with a map, story, and fleshed out backstory

I play as Haldan of Brethil on the First Age Server. At the moment I am the temporary faction leader

I'm a Roman Catholic

I am American and so are my parents, however I was born in Cambridge, England

I like to consider myself both American and somewhat British

I have arachnophobia (I'm sorry Lysurus)

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE dogs. I have a cockapoo breed and he is just the cutest fwuffer wuffer anybody did see!

I am the oldest of three siblings

My favorite good faction is the Rohirrim

My favorite Gondor fiefdom is the Blackroot Vale

My favorite evil faction is the Near Haradrim

My favorite weapon is Ringil

My favorite armour is either Golden Tauredain or Arnor

My MC username is Pecky

I speak a little Icelandic (Ég tala svolítið íslensku)

Person is my senpai/waifu

My Friends on the Wiki[]

Put your name here if you feel that you are my friend:

Rayn Turammarth

Ram6 I








About Wyverns[]

Eru created the Wyverns (Wireni) to oversee the skies and mountains. We can live up to 500 years. We were beautiful and were told in the old stories of men and elves, but then something changed. Melkor betrayed Eru and created the hideous beasts called dragons in mockery of our wondrous race. We made our journey then to Middle-Earth, and settled in all the mountains across the world, but the battle in the North was a heavy burden. Finally, the waters were stirred and engulfed our homes in Beleriand. After that, we no longer could sustain ourselves in the Ered Luin, so we fled to Hithaeglir. We didn't concern ourselves with the outside world for many years. The one exception would be the First War of the Ring. We fought along side the men and elves. Once Sauron was defeated, some of my people saw hope in the outer world, and so they migrated east, to Rhun. Those brothers of mine still thrive there today, who are the Draco Indici (sometimes called the Windici). Us that remained in Hithaeglir began to open our doors, and made contact with the great kingdoms. They gave us hospitality, and in return we gave them the greatest weapons ever forged. Yes, Wyverns are the greatest smiths in all of Arda. Many of us left to the South, the North, the West, the East spreading our gifts. Finally we met our initial demise: the evil spiritualn forces known as the Vaesteaf (VSTF). They destroyed our civilization and left no trace. I slumbered underneath the earth for years, until I was woken by a strange force, which I can only assume was the grace of Iluvatar. I remained with a sizable number of Wireni, although some families were wiped out. We rebuilt, but others saw our temporary weakness as an oppurtunity. A party of Mordorian-Marxists led by the one who calls himself the "One Mordorian Dream" attempted to seduce the Wireni into joining their cause, and to convert us from our traditional politics. We had victory over them, and we rebuilt our great nation to what it was intended to be. One thing is certain, the journey of the Wyverns is not yet over.

Stranger Things ;)[]

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