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  • I am possibly the most indecisve player on my server (it's a hARDA world) as I've been in eleven different factions which, for the server I play on, is quite a lot.
  • My favourite evil LOTR faction created by Tolkein would be Mordor and my favourite good LOTR faction created by him are the Wood-elves
  • I'd say it was almost impossible for me to decide if I prefer the Half-trolls or Moredain more for they are both incredible in their own ways.
  • I am almost always playing as an evil character and even when I play as a good character I'm still more of a chaotic neutral person.
  • I live and die for the blade and my men, and orcs / trolls, will all fight to the death with me. Probably.
  • Death to the Stone-Men! Death to Gondor! The Lion shall rise upon the North and conquer all!
  • My mother is American and my father is English although, I generally say that I am from England/Britain/The UK when asked because that's where I've been born and raised. Because my family are from two different countries I often get my English / American spelling mixed up. For instance, I generally spell color as color (American) but spell favourite (English) instead of favorite.
  • I was recently enslaved by my friend in Umbar and forced into working in the sewers as a professional sewer thing. As such, I've been in numerous turf wars with Gollum (whom he also managed to enslave) over things such as fish and who gets to eat that dead rat over there etc.
  • I often want to post / say something that I think is funny but then I realise how others might not see it as something that is funny and then think of me as an idiot or something...
  • I'm also very sarcastic which is quite bad when I talk to my mother for she doesn't understand jokes as well as my dad does and on numerous times probably has thought of me as an idiot.
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