Adaneth Mirimë Adaneth Mirimë 22 October 2020

SublimeText and Mediawiker Setup

Mediawiker is an addon for SublimeText that allows you to edit pages directly within SublimeText. River from Gamepedia has a great blog about it here where she shares more about it and her setup. I am similarly putting my setup here for my own and possibly others' reference.

  • 1 Pros and Cons
  • 2 My Plugin List
  • 3 Configs
    • 3.1 Mediawiker

Overall, I find SublimeText/Mediawiker pretty helpful because I often copy and paste page/template source into a text editor anyway so that I can do find/replace (although this will be built into the editor in UCP!), see if curly braces match up, etc. I think it's definitely better for templates or code pages than content pages though.

  • (Pro) Syntax highlighting is quite nice overall but has some quirks (ex. when callin…

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Adaneth Mirimë Adaneth Mirimë 13 October 2018

Considerations for the College Search

Hello everyone! I know this is not at all related to either Minecraft or LOTR, but I also know that quite a few of you here are high school students in the middle of the college search / decision process, and I decided to write this blog in the hopes that it will be of use to those of you currently in that situation.

  1. This blog was written specifically with students in the United States in mind, although some of it may also be applicable to the education systems in other countries.
  2. This is by no means an exhaustive list of questions one should ask potential colleges or situations that one may encounter, but is taken from formal training that I received to mentor high school juniors and seniors going through the college application process, m…

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