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  • Codebreaker 2100

    That is the eternal question. Seriously, why the hell do some of you people go around dissuading people from the server like you're a Jehovah's Witness telling people about God? It's really not that bad, guys. Dragon, or as some of you like to call him, Comrade Dragon, doesn't even own it anymore, I do. Really, the only ways you could concievably hate it is if you're lazy, or a lore purist.

    Rant over. Now we need players on TOA, guys! Right now we have:

    1. Owner Lego, the guy who does literally all the work and makes all the quests and plays every roleplay character (>_>)

    2. Co Owner bowbow, who builds sometimes and plays all the quests.

    3. Dragon, who infrequently gets on and is an arrogant dick in roleplay and just a regular dick out of it.


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