Climate Map of Middle Earth

I decided to create a climate map of middle earth, using a simplified Koppen clasification system, because i was bored...

For reference on what the colours mean go here

Constructive critisism on how to make this and any other maps better would be gladly welcomed.

A few points

  • Depending on where the inbound current reaches the continental shelf off the coast of gondor would decide how much
    Middle Earth Climate Map

    Climate Map

    the bay of belfalas would be of a mediterranean climate
  • The cold deserts and steppes of Rhun could be a little more inland, (not entirely sure how the sea of Rhun effects things

Possible Map additions for the mod

  • A new desert region in the utter-most east, akin to the last desert
  • Another small central desert in Harhudor
  • Southern Palisor would be a large steppe, ranging from Rhudel to the Gulf of Rhun
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