Feldpausch All4 Feldpausch All4 17 November 2014

Mining in Middle Earth

One of the most important things to do in Minecraft is mine, and in Middle Earth, it is still pretty important.  This is the mining strategies that work for me.

Step 1: Where to mine.

There are many biomes in this mod, and many have advanteges and disadvantages for miners.  Because I have never played as evil, this will mostly be targeted toward good players.  For one thing, some biomes, for example, Shire, Lothlorien, Lindon, and Blue Mountains, do not spawn enemys.  This means you can explore caves in peace.  You may consider these biomes if you are not too good at fighting.

Even more importantly however, is the fact that some ores can only be found in certain biomes.  Mithril is only in the Misty Mountains, Quendite is only in Lothlorien a…

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