Fenrir lokisen

  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Coding
  • I am Male
  • Fenrir lokisen


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  • Fenrir lokisen

    I am in need of a coder that could make some server-side mod/plugin features for a server I am working on, if you believe you fit the requirements (stated below) please fill out the form:

    Must have a suitable amount of java coding experience

    Must have a suitable amount of experience with the Bukkit API

    Must be of 12+ years of age (or be as mature mentally)

    'In order to apply join ourDiscord Server' and directly message me your filled out version of the format as stated below:

    How long have you been coding?

    *What are some examples of stuff you have previously coded (if any*)

    What is your age?

    What is your experience with the Bukkit Api?

    What is your experience with the Forge Api?

    What is your experience with server-side modding?

    Could we have a brief …

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  • Fenrir lokisen

    Notes: I&F stands for Ice and Fire, GOT, stands for Game of Thrones:

    Me and a team of people are developing a Submod of the Lord of the Rings Mod that changes the Language, Texture, Map, and possibly sound file(s) of the Lord of the Rings mod to make it just like I&F/GOT.

    If you are intested in the submod visit our discord here:

    We will also be opening a server with the submod once it is completed.

    We are in need of texturers! Apply on my message wall, in our discord, or in a comment on this blog.

    Check on this thread every now and then as we will be posting some spoilers here once and awhile.

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  • Fenrir lokisen

    After some rough turns (and roads!) Ascension of Arda is coming back, this time we are not going to restart or shut down at random sporadic times, and we will be using quite a few plugins to improve your playing experience, this time we are actually putting in an effort to selecting staff for our team who are mature and well rounded with the commands of the mod and plugins we use.

    We will be labled under our old name "Ascension of Arda", we are also temporarily whitelisted until a new spawn is done! In addition to this we will also have a new rules system put together and sieges will be banned until most (if not all) lore builds are finished.

    Some of the plugins we will be using are;

    ArmorWeight: Configured by AlteOgre

    Chair Stairs: Turns stai…

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  • Fenrir lokisen

    Due to the fact that the general corruption of the LOTR mod community (Some people are steal nice ;), AltOgre, Sniperpro22, Zane__Romeave, Etc.) is causing me depression in-real-life and the fact that running a server seems to be implying too much stress upon me I am bidding all here a farewell. 

    These last 2 years have been full of adventure and fun, but also many sour defeats. I hope everyone remembers me for what little good I have brought to this community.  Goodbye! -Laerorndir

    "The road goes ever on.."

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