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    Building Roads

    January 18, 2015 by Ffets

    This blog will be dealing with roads in general and how to transfer them into minecraft. Let me begin with a quote:

    You can listen to a very appealing version of that song here on youtube (played by The Starlit Jewel, sung by Ernest Kinsolving and Kristoph Klover) and also watch a lot of examples for roads.

    In the "Lord Of The Rings", when leaving the Shire, Frodo tells the other hobbits Bilbo's thoughts on "The Road":

    My attitude is a bit different: For me the roads are a big net. Everything is connected with everything else. As soon as you step in front of your door, you are balancing that net and can reach everything you can imagine. You are "on the road again" and I like that feeling.

    The idea of roads is as old as mankind. When you think …

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