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I'm back with another "Starter Base". This time we're looking at our hungry friends form the shire. Let's go!


I've often been on servers where I found a lot of  simple "wood cubes" as houses. They were often built by new players who need a cheap and useful shelter. As a survival player I know this issue too but as a builder it just makes me cry. So many great servers and their player citys loose their lotr atmosphere because of these "cubes". So I started developing starter bases. They should look nicer as the cubes but should cover everything a new player needs. You'll find everything from a crafting table, to a small kitchen garden in a faction specific building. I only use blocks from the lotr mod and vanilla minecraft, so everybody can build this. Please note that it will take longer to build such a base and that it might be difficult for some new players but I'm very sure that these starter bases will help to improve the look of many servers even if you just take this blog as a source of inspiration.

I hope you'll like these buildings! Please let me know if you find the post interessting/useful!

lg Fingowin

Hobbit Hole

As you propably know, the original home of the hobbits where holes in the ground. Even if many of them nowadays live in small houses and only the richest of the hobbits own such a traditional smial, we will use this iconic structure as our starter base. I can't remember a starter base, that was so easy to build, so there are no excuses for dirt houses in the shire anymore!

Building a hobbit hole is so easy because you won't have to think of outer walls. All you need to do ist to build a somehow good looking door, maybe a few windows and the interior. So let's look at the entrance:

Hobbit hole door

the entrance of the hobbit hole

The base is a 3x3 wall out of shire pine logs. To give the door a frame and a round shape I used shire pine planks and stairs. This gives you the classic look you know from the movies and the books. To detail the door I used oak wood planks and slabs, as well as some woodden buttons. The last part is to put in a door. As you can see my door doesn't fit the style of the shire pine logs. One ways to solve this problem is to change the wood of the 3x3 cluster or change the door. This is what I did. This starter base is from my latest survival world which also contains the carpenters mod. I use a door from this mod but because this blog series is ment to work without any other than the lotr mod I had to find a quick alternative.

Now after we have a door we can add some windows too. I recomend to dig out the inner rooms of the smial before you add windows because you might otherwise miss your windows or they don't fit in the way you planned your rooms. However I show them you before we move on to the inner parts, so you have an overview of what you actually see from outside. 

Windows hobbit hole
The hobbits liked to use round windows. That's hard to realise in minecraft so I decieded to use a one block window. It's important to detail it by building some kind of roof out of slabs. By doing so you don't have dirt patches somwhere in your wall and the window looks almost like the ones we know from the original desings.

Now it's time to look at the inner parts of the hobbit hole

  • conection to other rooms
  • the door from the inside
  • the entrance hall

In this pictures you can see how I made the inner parts. Stairs at the bottom and the top of the walls create a round shape. Because the hobbits are very tidy people I placed a few hooks for coats and hats at the backside of the entrance hall. You propably know this detail from the structures that spawn in the shire. However it's important to notice the design of the back wall. Even if there's nothing special about it, it adds some variation that prevent the oak plank dominated design from looking to boring. You should add such parts too!

In the last picture you kan see the "door" to the storage room on the right side of the smial. Here I used the same pattern form the entrance door again. However I didn't build whole wall. This is because it's just the way hobbit holes are: very open. Also I think it adds a nice shape to the entrance hall and rounds it up a little bit more.

The room itself isn't very interessting. I used stairs on the walls again but only on the top. The floor is filled with chests, tables and barrels. As a hobbit player your biggest joy propably is to collect all the different foods from the lotr mod and to offer them your guests when they come to visit you - of course only if they are invited (or if they are some strange dwarves that don't follow any good manners...). With this room you have plenty of space to store all your goods. It also offers you two crafting tables where you can craft all the stuff yo
  • the storage room
  • from the backside of the room
u need in your daily life!

The door on the left side of the entrance hall leads to the kitchen. This small room is the heart of every smial. Every hobbit likes to eat 6 or more times a day. This is why I placed the window in the kitchen. The inhibitant will be happy to see the sun while following his favorite occupation.

The kitchen holds another two barrels of which you can only see one because the other one is directly next to the door. Beside the drinks the hobbits can cook their food in a hobbit oven and craft food in a crafting table which is hidden behind the shown barrel. I also created a chair by combining a stair with some signs. A chest allows you to store even more stuff.

The last room is a bed/living room. Here you can rest from your adventueres (which of course aren't existing because you are a hobbit) by reading a book, sleeping or watching your fireplace. The purpose of this room is the bed and an alloy forge that is hidden behind the fire. I used some aspen wood planks to add some more variation to the interior.

Smial sleeping room

As you can see I only used very simple materials and very simples structures in this building but got a very nice outcome. To further improve the smial I decorated the outer parts too.

A small horse and a chicken stable add structure to the outer areas and bring useful functions for your food production (at least the chickens). A small hedge and a path lead through the garden and some flowers add to the peaceful atmosphere of the shire. While building the flower patches try to combine different types of flowers. This looks more natural than using only one kind of plants. If you decide to combine different flowers check whick colours look good togheter. Nothing is more shamefull than having the most messiest garden in the whole shire!

  • the chicken pen
  • the pony stable
  • combination of white and pink flowers
  • sunflowers on a hill next to you hobbit hole fit very well

The whole building in the shire:

2020-03-10 20.58.32

Materials and Variations

Materials I used in the building:

- shire pine wood (logs, planks, stairs)

- oak wood (planks, stairs, slabs, fences)

- spruce wood (planks, doors)

- bricks (blocks, stairs)

- stone bricks (blocks, slabs)

- cobble stone (blocks, slabs, stairs, walls)

- aspen wood (leafs, blocks, stairs, slabs)

- utility blocks (crafting table vanilla + faction, alloy forge, chests, barrels, hobbit oven, bed)

- decorative blocks (chandeliers, fine glass pane, book shelf, plates, mugs, torches, different flowers)


cheaper or easier variations are marked by numbers. More difficult or expensiv variations have letters as prefixes.

1. build the entrance hall 1 instead of 3 blocks wide

2. make the whole building smaller

A You can extend the entrance hall and add more rooms (for example an extra pantry or a library)

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