We alle know them and we all love them - the generated structures of the lotr mod! They serve as starter bases, looting areas and as beautiful decorations of the landscape. There's no doubt that everybody that these strucutres truely bring middle earth to live.

However I think those structure have another purpose: they serve as inspirations for players to build in faction specific styles. So I did it! I took the high elven structues of the mod and mixed them with my own building style. With this faction I've choosen a quite difficult faction because I've always felt that the mods building style doesn't fit my imagination of the high elves because the bright colours look a lot like a "comic" styled version of the high elves. In addition I never understood the use of birch wood in these structures because it's colour doesn't really fit the colour of the high elven blocks in my opninion. As a consequenze my high elven buildings most times don't have anything in common with the mods structures. This project therefore can be seen as a try to reconcile myself with the mods building style. One goal was to keep the function of the structures. So I tried to include all chests, crafting tables and other functionally elements. I also tried to keep all dimensions and main elements of the architecture Please let me know what you think about my interpretation of the lotr mod high elven structures!

High elven hall

This is the first high elven structure I've ever seen and to be honest it was my favorite structure until this project started. With it's two layers and it's open design it propably satisfies my generell view of the way high elves would build their halls. The biggest variations you will recognize in my version is the alterned shaped. The high elven hall reminded me of a pavillion, so I chose a round foundation. Because I didn't increase the radius in camparisson to the original I had to work with much less space in the inside. This is why the whole interior looks more compact. However I think this isn't a big problem because I found a way to include all important elements and only lost empty spaces. This is good because big empty spaces most times mean a lifeless building. Another thing I had to edit was the roof. In my interpretation the high elven hall has a nice dome as it's roof.

Along with other small changes this is what makes my high elven hall look like it does now. I hope it represents it's inhibitants appropriate!

  • the original high elven hall and my version next to each other
  • a detailed view on the facade
  • you can see that there's a lot less space around the table
  • the interior is almost the same as in the original
  • the desk is the main change of the interior on the second layer
  • the plan of the second layer

Elven Smithy

The elven smithy is found in every elven realm (even Eregion! Propably my favorite one...). I've only build the high elven one. I think my design of it is the closest interpretation of all high elven structures I build. I kept the round shape but extended it a little bit because I felt that tthe original doesn't really look "round". I added a nead entrance and varied the walls and windows. A nice detail is to use high elven walls in the corners of the buildings as pillared windows. They make the building look more open. As I had more space than the original my smithy contains a few more stuff to loot. That's always good because who doesn't like to loot?

Once again I decided to use a dome for the roof. In this case I'm not a hundrer percent happy about it because the chimmney on the top of the roof doesn't look like one... However I'm pretty sure that the high elves could create treasures beyond human sense of beauty!

  • my version of the smithy next to the original
  • the entrance of the smithy
  • the interior of the smithy (note the "pillared window")

High elven tower

Now we've come to the structure I really wanted to show that there are more elegant ways to build it - and I have to admitt I failed! sticking to the mods building style it was impossible to make it look different or even better. This is why I had to do major changes to the structure and use more of my own building style. The result is a tower that looks more high elvish on the outside but has lost a major function of the tower. The use of is that you have the high elven lord on the top where you can hire your troops. That this works you have to get a big room, so your troops don't die in a wall when they spawn and there needs to be a big staircase so you can get them down to the surface. This is why the tower is so big and as a consequenze tends to look a bit chunky...

My tower doesn't work like this because the tower is to thin (and not as high as the original but as we know this varies in the mod). To be honest it's very very thin. You have almost no space inside. My only way to include the table of command was to use a ladder instead of a staircase to reach the highest layer. I also don't have included many layers where you can do whatever you'd do on those layers in the originals. My high elven lord can't oversee his lands but has to stay on the ground. That's very annoying but I haven't found a way to get the interior done like in the original and make it look elegant on the outside.

  • my high elven tower next to the original
  • the entrance to the tower
  • the facade of the tower
  • the entrance layer with the high elven lord
  • the small second layer
  • the symbole of my failure and the entrance to the highest level
  • planning out a war means crushing...

Now, after finishing this project I have gained a deeper understanding of how the mod structures work. Even if you don't have to think about technical limitations (which propably defines the look of the structures more than the skills of the designers), you need to consider many effects which are linked to the game mechanics!

I still don't understand the use of (light) blue clay tilings and birch wood in those structuse but the discussion of my problems I face when building high elven structure could take a whole blog post so maybe I will say no more about this here.

If you want to improve your own building style you can use the mods structures as a good inspiration. Building stuff like this isn't as easy as it seems!

Thank you for taking your time and reading this! If you havve any questions or comments please feel free to post them below!

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