I haven't seen any other blog-post about this yet (nor forum), so I figured I'd do this. For the fun of it, I wanted to see what other people are thinking about the pretty "spoilers" for Beta 26. I'll try to update this every time something new is added, but so many diffrent (serious) takes can be. This isn't ment to tear apart everything and ruin the update or anything like that, but it would be fun to do. 

Before I start, I will note that on Novermber 21st, TD commented that this update is for "improvements to various and exsisting factions." Obviously Modderators aren't always the most trustworthy sources, but because of my deep want for improvements to older factions, I'm going to (for now) believe what TD said. I don't mind theories about new factions though, as that is still very possible.

Picture 1: November 17th Post 

I see this as either being a spoiler for updated mines or a new Dwarven structure: that's why I believe there are the red and black smiles. I don't know what to think of the box with the red "N", but it could be saying the Red Dwarves are not being added yet.

Picture 2: November 18th Post

I think of the Gondorian Smiths when I see this, so Gondor smithies may get some loot, and the NPC may even get some AI upgrades, like attacking enemies.

Picture 3: November 19th Post

This can be seen a couple of ways. I think either 1, Hobbits are either getting a new structure (grand hobbit hole) or are getting an upgraded hobbit hole, 2, Gondor and/or Dol Armroth are getting a village set up (though the building contrasting long and stout rectangles sort of make me think otherwise), or 3, High Elves are getting some sort of structure (or maybe a village? Doesn't seem to fit them though...).

Picture 4: November 21st Post

I think most people think the same (or similar) thing... Reeds are going to act more like sugarcane. I don't know if this means each block=1 reed, or if a certain height will let the reed produce two reeds instead of one, but we all can almost certainly say reeds will start growing (unless if Mevans is playing a cruel joke...).

Like I said, every new picture will get a responce from me (probably in comments just so people following will get notified).

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