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GamerElite125 GamerElite125 20 December 2020

Story So Far Of How I Came to be.

It Started In the Creation of The Universe itself... The Valar oh where do I see myself above all of them "Evil Laughs" I Was once a apprentice of Aule the Valar of Smiths. But I Felt no need for my time need greater purposes and more desire! DESIRE!!!!! POWER!!!! Morgoth was just the convincing I needed he gave me a purpose showed me things they couldn't And then I had a since of no regret..... After my Master perished I felt that I had no need for anyone else humiliated. Retreated into my Darkness oh the Darkness it calls for me.... So many Voices ancient by days. I forget who I even am anymore. what am I? who am I? I Am Sauron The Dark Lord over these Lands and I'll crush my enemies for they do not know fear.... the truth what I've seen…

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