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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    Hey comrades, it's been a while.

    As those of you in the Community Discord may have heard, I have begun completely revamping my old Mordor map. Progress has been made, and now it is once more time for a WIP version to be put out.

    The link to download, the link to some pics, and a list of everything that's on the map can be found here:

    Gen. Grievous1138 (LOTR Mod Wiki Admin) comlink 02:14, June 23, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Gen. Grievous1138


    December 26, 2018 by Gen. Grievous1138

    For nearly a full year, I have awaited this moment.

    After many long nights spent writing...

    At 269 pages...

    With 121,900+ words...

    It is my pleasure to present the Complete Guide to the Clone Wars!

    After deciding that it would honestly just be too boring to just throw out the revised Clone Wars timeline that I've made, I decided to make a book out of it, and that book is now complete. In eighteen chapters (plus a prologue and epilogue), this Guide thoroughly and exhaustively explores the Clone Wars, from the Separatist Crisis to the last days of the war. Complete with color maps and in-depth battle profiles, each chapter explores 1-3 months of the Clone Wars at a time, treating the conflict as one massive story, from the widely-known battles of…

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    As a wiki admin, I’ve long seen comments from users who have clearly not read the FAQ, asking when builds like Minas Tirith, Barad-dûr, and Minas Morgul will be added to the mod. The answer, of course, is in the decently far future.

    But now, you can explore many of these builds before then. After multiple prereleases and a whole lot of work, I have completed my Mordor map. And not just a few builds in Mordor - all of Mordor. The whole land, with every build from lore, the mod, or my own mind. All of it is available to be downloaded and explored.

    As of a post-release update, you will spawn in a camp in Dagorlad, just outside the Black Gate, in a tent containing equipment and basic gear for those who wish to play the map in survival (which I r…

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    And shortly after the last one, it's time for more Mordor. I have now completed all of Nurn with the most builds of any update yet (though most of them are small.)

    Alongside previous additions of Minas Morgul, the Udun fortresses, the strongholds of the Ephel Duath and Ered Lithui, Barad-dur, and Mount Doom, I have for you the following:

    • Thaurband - The capital fortress of Nurn, Thaurband is a colossal city-prison home to thousands of Orcs and human prisoners and slaves. As the nexus for most of southern Mordor, Thaurband features vast prisons and warehouses, orc-barracks, slave barracks, command towers, a supply yard, and a port on the river Guthrant, as well as three command towers.
    • Port Annurnen - A port on the western Sea of Nurnen, near …
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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    It's time once more. I have now begun to delve into the various lesser-known fortresses in Mordor, and started with the three fortresses in the Mithram Spur.

    Alongside previous additions of Minas Morgul, the Udun fortresses, the strongholds of the Ephel Duath, Barad-dur, and Mount Doom, I have for you the following:

    • Seregost - The fortress of the Black Uruks, and one of Sauron's oldest holds, featuring many towers, deep catacombs, and the breeding pits that birthed the greatest warriors of Mordor.
    • Amon Angren - The primary fortress of Lithlad, Amon Angren is a deep hold of Sauron's knowledge. Built underground, Amon Angren has a number of deep vaults built as a safeguard.
    • Nargroth - The greatest of Sauron's mines, featuring walls and several t…
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