For nearly a full year, I have awaited this moment.

After many long nights spent writing...

At 269 pages...

With 121,900+ words...

It is my pleasure to present the Complete Guide to the Clone Wars!

After deciding that it would honestly just be too boring to just throw out the revised Clone Wars timeline that I've made, I decided to make a book out of it, and that book is now complete. In eighteen chapters (plus a prologue and epilogue), this Guide thoroughly and exhaustively explores the Clone Wars, from the Separatist Crisis to the last days of the war. Complete with color maps and in-depth battle profiles, each chapter explores 1-3 months of the Clone Wars at a time, treating the conflict as one massive story, from the widely-known battles of the movies and Star Wars: The Clone Wars to all of the more obscure stories of Star Wars Legends. Nearly every scrap of material from Canon and Legends is addressed here, alongside material of my own creation (plus two whole chapters dedicated to the military organization of the Republic and CIS.)

Oh, and it's free. Have a link.

Enjoy! All feedback is welcome, and may the Force be with you!

Gen. Grievous1138 (LOTR Mod Wiki Admin) comlink 19:46, December 26, 2018 (UTC)

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