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  • Glflegolas

    Hello everyone,

    After seeing a certain Game Theory episode, I started wondering: How much is the currency in Middle-earth -- the Silver Coin -- worth in real life dollars?

    For this comparison, I am going to use Canadian dollars, due to my living in Canada. As you'll soon see, there are quite a few ways to approach this question.

    An ingot of silver consists of 1/9th of a block of Silver, which measuring 1m3, would have a mass of 10.5. That means that the silver block weighs a total of 10.5 metric tons, and each ingot would weigh 1.167 tons.

    Now consider that you can get nine nuggets of silver out of an ingot, and each nugget makes one coin. Therefore, each coin weighs 130kg. With today's silver prices ($767 Canadian/kg), that one coin would cos…

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  • Glflegolas

    Man it's been way too long since I did one of these, but here goes nothing. Region spotlight is back, and I will hopefully be doing it slightly more often from now on (I'll aim for ~ once a month). But anyways, what region shall I feature this time?

    Today I have chosen a region that looks slightly different with the new resource pack than it did in the past and is located just west of the Misty Mountains. It's Dunland.

    Dunland is north of Isengard and west of the Misty Mountains, somewhat to the south of Eregion. If you come from Gondor direction, head along the Greenway and turn north soon after the Fords of Isen. If you come from Bree, follow the Greenway until you're about halfway through Enedwaith, and head eastwards.

    Back in the days of …

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  • Glflegolas

    A fix for laggy horses

    August 11, 2019 by Glflegolas

    Good day everyone,

    A good many things were changed in , but among them, one of the greatest changes was that to horses & other mounts, so that their movement is controlled client-side, rather than server-side.

    While for lots of people, this was a great fix, for a few others, including myself, this change resulted in horses becoming extraordinarily slow, barely the speed of sneaking.

    Just this morning, I think I've found a fix for this problem. The fix is quite straightforwards, and takes maybe 5 minutes to complete.

    The problem (as far as I gather) occurs when the mod is downloaded as a .zip file, as opposed to a .jar file. For more about what's happening, see the picture below.

    When downloaded the mod will end up in your default downloads director…

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day folks,

    I've been around here a while. A long while, actually. In fact, I am the second oldest still active wiki contributor, and have seen my fair share of moments on the wiki, from great collaborations on projects to angry arguments resulting in the ban of multiple users.

    Yet I've been playing the mod for even longer, for nearly six years, in fact. Over that time, the mod has also grown greatly, going from a small mod that added a few regions and factions of Middle-earth in a randomly-generated pattern (still accessible if you use Middle-earth Classic world generation) to a mod that adds in the entire continent of Middle-earth, along with almost all of its factions.

    Even though all this time has passed, and I've grown considerably o…

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  • Glflegolas

    About a day ago, I got to play around with an oxy-hydrogen torch, that burns at around 3200 oC. I made some solutions of various metal salts, such as NaCl, KBr, Sr(CH3COO)2, CuSO4, and put these solutions into the hot flame. When I did this I got some beautiful colours.

    Some of these emission lines, such as Na, K, Li, and Cu, you may have seen in fireworks. Sr can be seen in road flares. But I'm sure you haven't seen all these flame colours.

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