As you fine folks might know, I tend to read the comments in my Biome of the Week blogs, and making requests is a good way to increase the chances that your favourite biome will be featured. This week, I have decided to feature the Angle, by request.

Where is it?

The Angle is the land between two of the rivers of Eriador, the Hoarwell and the Bruinen. If you don't know where those rivers are, the Angle is located just south of the Trollshaws. For those who have no idea where the Trollshaws are, you can reach the Angle from the Shire simply by following the Great East Road. Cross the bridge, then turn right (south) and follow the river for a little while. If you still can't find the Angle, then you'd better improve your navigation skills.

Why do you like this biome?

This biome is the only biome in which you can find villages of the Dúnedain. In those villages, there is plenty of Dúnedain loot to be found, and you will occasionally find a Dúnedain Blacksmith, with whom you can trade. In addition to the Blacksmith who is occasionally found inside villages, you will also find many generated structures inside each village, which can be nice for weary travellers like me to spend the night. If you find villages a bit too large for your liking, I'm sure that you'll enjoy visiting the Ranger camps and watchtowers scattered throughout the lands.

Other than that, I also enjoy this biome for the same reason that I enjoy the Lone-lands, as they feature very similar terrain. For the reasons why I enjoy the Lone-lands, you can read one of my older blogs featuring them.

Any advice for travellers?

Don't enter this biome if you are enemies with the Rangers of the North. That is my number one piece of advice, as the Rangers are very powerful and can turn invisible, and spawn here in great numbers regardless of the time of day or night. For those allied with the Rangers, however, this is a very good biome indeed to live in, as it is very safe from orcs and wargs, especially compared to the Lone-lands around it. Don't forget to bring a few silver coins and bars of metal along, too -- you'll want them for trading with the Blacksmith. On the whole, this is a great biome for players allied with the Rangers to live in; go ahead, build a house inside a village, and make yourself right at home.


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