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After a hiatus of close to three weeks, I am back to assure you that I haven't given up yet! This week, I shall be featuring a region that is reputed to contain dragons... though it is not known whether or not any remain as of the late Third Age. It's also an ancient Dwarven kingdom, and its name is the Grey Mountains.

Where are they?

The Grey Mountains are in the far North of Middle-Earth, not far from the Forodwaith. The easiest way to access this region is to travel northwards from the Vales of Anduin. Years ago, this was part of a Dwarvish kingdom, until the Dragons that survived the War of Wrath came here and drove the Dwarves away. Eventually the dragons were all slain, and this region, like most fallen and abandoned kingdoms, was taken over by the Spawn of Gundabad, although the Dwarves have recently made some attempt at recolonizing these lands.

Why do you like this region?

Well, this region features hills and mountains, and, as you might know, I definitely enjoy trips to mountains and forests in real life. Secondly, the mountains aren't nearly as tall and as steep as the Misties, so it's much easier to get around, and there's no annoying mist that obstructs your vision. Finally, there are many deep forested valleys which make the perfect place to build yourself a cozy cabin, if that's your thing (well, that's what I'm doing on Isildur's Bane). There are lots of trees, so finding construction materials won't be a problem. Finally, the plentiful deposits of Copper and Tin found on the surface mean that you don't have to go underground to make bronze equipment.

Any advice for travellers?

For those who wish to travel to these mountains, be aware of the presence of Orcs and Wargs. So you'll want to be careful at night if you're not aligned with this faction. If you're a Gundabad player, be aware that there are occasional Dwarven invasions. There are occasional Bandits, but they're not very common. All in all, I definitely recommend this region for building your dream vacation home!