Alrighty then, it's the start of a new week, and that means a new biome of the week! Continuing on our swamplands theme, the biome in the limelight will be the Gladden Fields.

Where are they?

The Gladden Fields are the marshes around the banks of the Gladden River, which is a tributary of the Anduin that originates in the Misty Mountains. The fields are completely surrounded by the Vales of Anduin, and located a short distance north of Lothlorien. Most notably, these fields are where the One Ring was lost when Isildur was slain by Orcs. Later, Hobbit-folk moved into the area, among them Deagol, who first found the Ring. Shortly thereafter, Deagol was slain by his brother Smeagol, who took the ring and fled into a cave deep in the Misty Mountains.

Why do you like this biome?

In all truth, I haven't come here very often, because I generally play as a Gondorian, and I haven't come that far east yet in my singleplayer hardcore world. However, I have been here once or twice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as swamplands go, this biome is much more pleasant than most, as there are no midges to drive you crazy, the grass is nice and green, the uplands contain beautiful mixed forests of spruce, fir, pine, larch, birch, and more, and the occasional Yellow Iris adds a nice touch of colour.

Any advice for travellers?

For good players, always be alert at night, since both Gundabad Orcs and Wargs spawn frequently. There are no unit hiring captains anywhere in the area, so replacing any lost units could prove to be rather problematic. Evil players should have little trouble surviving here, as there are Gundabad Orc Camps in this biome, there's a decent amount of wood around, and it's never invaded by any good factions. However, the only animals that spawn are rabbits, so farming will likely be essential for survival, regardless of alignment. As well, there are occasional quagmire blocks around water, which can kill unwary players or hired armies.


Thanks for reading. Post your favourite biome in the comments, and they may be featured next week.