Alright, I realise that these biome of the week posts don't come out every week, but I try to make them come out as close to that schedule as possible. (Real life priorities can sometimes get in the way!). So, without further ado, let's feature a new biome. This week, I shall feature a biome that is somewhat more "mist-ical" than many of the biomes that were featured previously. That biome is the Far Harad Cloud Forest.

Where is it?

The Far Harad Cloud forest is located, surprisingly, in Far Harad. I really don't know too much about the history of this place, and the LotR wiki really isn't of much help, though to the best of my knowledge, there were never any inhabitants of this region in significant numbers.

Why do you like this biome?

I had never visited this land before writing this blog post, but I definitely regret not having visited it before. I enjoy the misty atmosphere; it reminds me of my favourite biome of all time, the Misty Mountains Foothills in the North, and also of one of my other favourite mods, the Twilight Forest. Sometimes I almost think that I could find a Lich Tower while walking in this forest. Finally, from a forestry point of view, there is never a shortage of timber here; the massively tall 2x2 jungle trees provide a lot of wood for all your building needs, and the plentiful birds in the air and plants on the ground make for a very pleasant experience.

Any advice for travellers?

For those that plan to visit this forest, food will not be a problem as there are lots of melons on the ground. However, the largest problem will be the scorpions that spawn at night and in dark places. They are surprisingly fast and can deal a nasty poisonous bite, and only drop rotten flesh. A less serious problem is that it is going to be very difficult to find a unit hiring captain in these areas. But with no bandits or invasions to worry about, who cares?