Good day, everyone,

A couple days ago, I got back from a vacation. This vacation took me to many places, but not least of which was the Cape Breton Highlands. Now, I really like that area, because it contains my favourite type of landscape (do I have to say what it is?)

Because they are forested hills. I don't know why, but I like forested hills more than any other type of landscape.

Now, the mod doesn't exactly have a forested hills region per se. About the closest you'll come to finding an entire region consisting of forested hills is a region such as the Trollshaws or the foothills of many of the mountainous regions of Middle-Earth, such as the Blue Mountains, Misty Mountains, or Grey Mountains. But there are two varients, present in many regions of Middle-Earth, that does create forested hills. One of these is called, surprisingly, forested hills.

Where are they?

Forested hills are a rather common varient. They can be found in many regions of Middle-Earth, as can be seen if you read the region varient article I mentioned above.

What do you like about this region?

If you still don't know why I like this region, please read the spoiler!

Any advice for travellers?

Depending on the precise region that these forested hills are located, you might have to contend with bandits, invasions, and hostile NPC spawns, so check the wiki pages about the region you're planning to visit before heading for forested hills. By default, you won't have a problem finding wood here, and getting a good vantage point should also be pretty easy, if you put your house on a hill. Do be careful though if an invasions spawns atop a hill. Fighting uphill can make it much more challenging than you might expect.