Good morn y'all,

If any of you follow the French Discord channel, you might've heard my announcement regarding the fact that I was considering doing a region spotlight at some point in the near future. Those that follow the French Discord will probably guess what region I'm highlighting in this issue, I am featuring "les montagnes rouges" a.k.a. the Red Mountains.

Where are they?

If you're not familiar with the location of the Red Mountains, I don't blame you man. They are located rather far to the East of most of Middle-Earth (curiously, east of the region that's "The West"), around the Eastern centre of Rhûn. Four clans of Dwarves lived in these mountains, though not much was known about them, as they presumably had little contact with their relatives in Erebor and the Iron Hills.

What do you like about this region?

My favourite aspects of this region are several. Firstly, it's a mountain range, and mountains in Middle-Earth are simply awesome, y'know? Secondly, this region features beautiful red rocks and red sand, not unlike the rocks and sand you'll find on Prince Edward Island, although PEI only has rolling hills as opposed to mountains. Finally, if you don't like to get attacked by enemies, this region should be very safe, as there aren't any NPC's that spawn here naturally, and your chances of players coming here to attack you are very remote indeed.

Any advice for travellers?

As this is a mountainous region, it's not exactly the most conducive to farming or hunting, so you might want to stock up on food in the foothills before heading up to the summits or before building your base here. Also, you might want to be ready to live as a hermit, as life here might very well become rather lonely, with no NPC's and few players coming to visit you, unless of course you let them TP to you.

Last but not least, there is a massive amount of ore underneath these mountains. If you're like me and enjoy mining, be sure to stop here for a quick mining session at least once as you travel through these mountains.