Despite rumours suggesting otherwise, the mod's development isn't dead, and neither are region spotlights, although their whereabouts have been rather "spotty" at times. But finally I've found myself a rainy evening, and I've fixed the wireless card in my regular PC, and am able to write you a new region spotlight, this one will be about the lands of Lindon on the extreme Western edge of the continent of Middle-Earth.

Where is it?

Lindon isn't hard to find, even if you're new to visiting Middle-Earth. To get there from the spawn in the Shire, simply follow the Great East Road westward until you can't go any further, and you'll get into Lindon after passing through Eriador and the Tower Hills. If you're coming from the sea, head towards the islands and then go eastwards. The rocky coastlines of Lindon should come into view rather soonish, and you'll be greeted by the High Elves of the West.

What do you like about this region?

I once said that if I lived in Middle-Earth IRL, I would live in Lindon. In fact, the coordinates of the location where I would choose to live is, x=-21714, z=711.

Why would I want to live there? For one, it'd be relatively peaceful, far from Angmar and Mount Gundabad, so any attacks by Evil would be rather rare, as their forces would be "forced" to travel an extremely long distance through the Lone-lands and Eriador, all the while taking fire from some trusted allies.

Furthermore, there's the ocean right nearby, which is very much like home, as I live close to the ocean IRL, and if you want mountains, that's not a problem either, for the Blue Mountains (containing forested hills, especially in their foothills) are nearby, along with some smiths if I ever needed weapons and armour. Finally, the weather there would be quite comfortable most of the time, not too hot and not too cold.

Any advice for travellers?

For those who want to visit Lindon, I suggest being on good terms with the local inhabitants otherwise a game of bow and arrow table tennis will likely be the outcome. Other than that, living there shouldn't be much of a problem, as there are plenty of animals to hunt and Trees to chop down for wood, and warriors at your command (though they aren't exactly cheap).