Man it's been way too long since I did one of these, but here goes nothing. Region spotlight is back, and I will hopefully be doing it slightly more often from now on (I'll aim for ~ once a month). But anyways, what region shall I feature this time?

Today I have chosen a region that looks slightly different with the new resource pack than it did in the past and is located just west of the Misty Mountains. It's Dunland.

Where is it?

Dunland is north of Isengard and west of the Misty Mountains, somewhat to the south of Eregion. If you come from Gondor direction, head along the Greenway and turn north soon after the Fords of Isen. If you come from Bree, follow the Greenway until you're about halfway through Enedwaith, and head eastwards.

What do you like about this region?

Back in the days of old, when the mod was young, killing Dunlendings was an excellent way to get alignment and loot -- they were unarmoured (except for the warriors and archers), and dropped all kinds of food, drink, supplies, and weapons. You could literally go killing them uninterrupted and you'd never run out of anything you'd need. Ahh, those were the good ol' days...

Even to this very day, Dunland is still a good place to go if you need Rohan alignment, although the inclusion of berserkers and axethrowers makes this task a little harder than it once was, and the drops aren't nearly as good as they once were. Nonetheless, it's still one of my favourite regions to get alignment, especially with a Blessed weapon.

Any advice for travellers?

If you're aligned with Dunland, this region should not prove too difficult to visit or live in, because there are generally lots of houses to loot for supplies, and plenty of big game to hunt, though the soil may be less fertile for farming than you'd prefer.

If you're here to hunt Dunlendings (or the big game), it's best to bring a mount. Dunlendings don't have any mounted units, so even a slow-ish horse will be fast enough to escape a horde of angry dunlendings on your tail if there's more around than you can handle.


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