It's been a very long while (almost a month? OMG!) since I have put out one of these posts. But with the long weekend, it's a perfect time for me to write another Biome of the Week (which I hope to put out about every 2-3 weeks... perhaps I should change the name of this series...). Anyways, the series has been re-started, and I will no longer try to keep a schedule here. I'll put out posts whenever I have time. That means we could have two (or more) posts in one week, or go for four weeks without a single post. This week, I shall be featuring the region of the Shire Woodlands.

Where are they?

Finding the Shire Woodlands shouldn't be too difficult for any player, ever if they're new to the game, as the default spawn point is the Shire, unless a server operator has changed it to somewhere else. If you find yourself running around in circles trying to find the woodlands, try using your on-screen compass and heading approximately 1500 blocks south from Frogmorton, or try heading 700 blocks north of Overhill. Both of these locations can be found easily by following the Shire's many roads. As this region was once part of Arnor, you might occasionally run into a few ruins in this area.

What do you like about this region?

One of the best features of this region is that there's nothing to worry about regarding getting attacked, unless you're silly enough to start slaughtering hobbits immediately upon entering the Shire. As for the forests, they are quite beautiful (especially the hills variants... you know how much I like forested hills by now, don't you?), and this is the only home of the Shire pine, which, for a long time, was the only pine tree in the mod (and my favourite tree in the mod), until regular pines were added (which are now my favourite tree).

Any advice for travellers?

Don't expect life here to be dramatic. If you're looking for a peaceful forest in which to build your cottage, this will definitely fit the bill. There are lots of animals for you to hunt, and if you get tired of game, finding food should not be a problem, as the little folk of the Shire are known for having lots of taverns and inns where you can have a good feast. But, if you're looking for an exciting base, this will not be suitable, as there are never any invasions, and bandits are unheard of.