Some of you may have heard by now the news that Amazon plans to make a TV Series set in Middle-earth. It will be before the events of the Fellowship of the Ring, but there is yet no info on what canon plotline if any the series will be following. An unknown deal has been made with New Line Cinema, producers of the Hobbit and LotR Films, and in a surprise move, the Tolkien Estate will be partaking in the production as well. In fact, the Estate were the ones to approve the show, not the film-and-game group Middle Earth Enterprises.

What does this mean for the series? Essentially, we could get several results: a show based off the books that adapts them in a meaningful way, a show based off the film that carries on their legacy, or a show that creates its own lore and takes cues from games such as Shadow of Mordor. Naturally, the show will not be considered canonical to the lore, though with the input of the Tolkien Estate it could be kept more in-line with lore than the films or games. 

What does this mean for the mod? Most likely nothing to very little. No word has been given by the mod team asto whether or not any parts of the show will be implemented, and I do not speak for them. However, I would guess that it is unlikely, since in the past the mod team has chosen to make its own path, away from the films and games. That does not mean influence will not be taken from them, but I stress that I do not know the intentions of the team and none of my words should be taken as more than guess.

This blog will serve as a masterthread for the subject. What are your thoughts? What do you hope to see? What do you worry about? Please share your opinions below.

NEW INFORMATION: In late August, Christopher Tolkien resigned quietly as director of the Estate. That explains quite a bit.

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