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  • High King Ithilion

    Hello all! A new, annotated map of Middle-earth has just been discovered! There are many insights that could help the mod greatly. Here is a link to a transcribed version. Put this in your searchbar and prepare to be amazed!

    Points of interest:

    -Camels are canon

    -Mumakil are just elephants

    "Gondor ships-black and silver" 

    "Corsairs had red sails with black star or eye"

    "9 weatherbeaten galleons, 7 of which had a white star on main sail-all black 5 masted, as large as pre-steam ship can be" (Numenorean ships)

    single masted elven ship, white or grey sail"

    "blue and purple peaks of jet topped with snow"- White Mountains. Perhaps a rock color change is in order?

    - Wol…

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  • High King Ithilion

    Today, February 26, is the day I joined the Wiki, exactly one year ago. In that time, this mod has gone from having just added the map of Middle-Earth to right before the Dalish Update. I have gone from user to moderator, and this blog is also my 3000th post. I would like to take a moment and commemorate Mevans for his incredible work on this mod, and thank him for giving us a chance to create the world of Tolkien in a game. I would also like to thank you all (besides Bunny350 and Melkor2, of course) for creating such a welcoming, friendly, fun community, from my first retexturing suggestion to the scandalous past week. I think this wiki has been a big help to me in escaping the oppressive horrors of middle school and the horrible things r…

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  • High King Ithilion

    I parodied the famous "Modern Major General" song from Pirates of Penzance. Took me about an hour. Hope you enjoy!

    I am the very model of a modern Captain-General,

    I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral,

    I know the kings of Arnor, and I quote the fights historical

    From Dagorlad to Pelennor, in order categorical;

    I'm very comprehending, too, of persons problematical,

    I understand Lord Denethor, but revile Queen Beruthiel,

    About our wars with Mordor I know quite a many things,

    With many fearsome facts about threat from the cruel Easterlings.

    I'm very good at quoting from the most famous of the elven-lays;

    I know the Adunaic names of battles from the Elder Days:

    In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,

    I am the very model of a modern…

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  • High King Ithilion

             I got some oil pastels for christmas, and decided to test them out. Here is the result. The oil pastels smudged a bit, and the borders are porrly defined, but I think it looks pretty good overall :P

    Ps: If you spot the two rangers in the pic, you get a cookie!

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  • High King Ithilion

    Apparently, we have an Instagram account. This is great news for all you stalkers out there, I'm sure.

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