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  • High King Ithilion

    Just so the Wiki community knows, I was promoted to Chat Moderator last night by Thorin Stonehelm. Yay! I will be on more then ever now, and be a much more frequend visitor to the chat.

    Ps. Can someone tell me my new responsibilities, powers, ect?

    Pps. Could I add (Chat Mod) to my signature?

    High King Ithilion(Ni celeb ithil)

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  • High King Ithilion

    A new FB post states there will be lots of new hills and mountains. In the picture is shown a hill in Gondor. I guess it is either the Minas Tirith hill or Erech.

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  • High King Ithilion

    I just solved an age old argument. Good old Sweet-and-Sauron Chicken does have form in the movie. He is not just a great flaming eyeball.

    Sauron can be seen holding the Ithil-Stone (his Palantir) when Aragorn confronts him with the Anor-Stone. Therefore, he does have physical form.

    High King Ithilion(Ni celeb ithil)

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  • High King Ithilion

    Custom Lego Figures

    September 24, 2015 by High King Ithilion

    As some of you may know, I am a LOTR lego builder. I paint and customize lego with sharpies and other things. Here are some Dwarves I made. I may post more occasionally on the Fun and Games board.

    I am sorry for the image quality.

    1. Dwarven Chariot with Dain, Iron Hills Soldier, and Thorin Stonehelm.

    I made the chariot out of Lego. The Crossbow has teeth glued on. The chains are glued to the playmobile goat.

    From Left to Right: Thorin Stonehelm, Dain, Iron Hills Soldier

    Thorin III is a clone head, Thorin hair, and Dain body. All have been painted. He uses a painted red axe.

    Dain wears two capes and a painted Gimli beard. Uses a red warhammer.

    The Iron Hills soldier uses a custom spear, cut-down and painted Dain helmet, custom painted body, Dwali…

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  • High King Ithilion

    My Suggestion Wave

    September 15, 2015 by High King Ithilion

    I am currently writing a series of suggestions. I re-read all of Tolkein's works and, taking notes along the way, find things missing from the mod. I then make a suggestion, sometimes dividing the book into more than one. I hope you will read these and follow their progress as I go through the whole series.

    I will add links here.

    The Shire stuff

    FOTR Part 1

    FOTR Part 2

    ROTK Part 1

    ROTK Part 2


    High King Ithilion(Ni celeb ithil)

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