If you think baby orcs should not be born in The Shire and then crawl their way down to Mordor (probably why they keep talking about maggots!), or on the contrary if you wonder why those so-called quiet people originating from The Shire are making all the fuss everywhere in Arda, then you may be interested by what follows:

rndtp (RaNDom TelePort) is a server-side mod that you can use for randomly teleporting players into specific areas.

It's designed for server operators to be used in server signs / pressure plates / command blocks in a server spawn in order to spread players on their chosen faction territory.

While not specifically dedicated to the Lord of the Rings mod, this mod has a companion set of directories/files enabling you to teleport a player from the Overworld to the Middle-Earth dimension in predefined areas such as specific LOTR mod biomes / factions territories / waypoints / places of interest / etc. Or to the Utumno dimension at a chosen level/layer.

Furthermore, you can choose to teleport the player above or underground (for races like dwarves...), in bottom up or top down direction (the latest being useful for teleporting into the Utumno dimension).

All details and downloads here.

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