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    Remember the Wiki

    May 3, 2017 by LOTRMod

    Hello everyone,

    This is just a quick reminder to all wiki users to remember what the main purpose of this site is.

    Recently I have been noticing that the focus seems to be gradually shifting more and more to making suggestions for the mod, discussing aspects of the mod, and discussing obscure aspects of Tolkien's lore. The forum activity is outpacing the article editing activity.

    While none of those things are wrong, and we certainly don't want to discourage them, I feel the need to remind everyone that such discussions should not be the main activity on the wiki. At least - not so soon after an update, while there are still features in need of documentation. In particular, the wiki still lacks a great deal of important information with regard…

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  • LOTRMod

    Hello everyone,

    The following is copied from the mod's Facebook Page.

    Time for another poll.

    We are having trouble deciding on a name for the Easterling capital city waypoint.

    The name Mistrand is popular among the LOTR community, so it would be the obvious choice, but many of us on the team don't think it would be fitting. Why not? There is the matter that it doesn't sound very 'Easterlingish', but also that Tolkien's names almost always have some substantial meaning behind them. And we have always thus far invented our own non-canon names for the mod.

    Some alternative names we have come up with follow the pattern of "Khan" + [Sindarin stuff], imagining that Elves/Gondor/whoever else would hear of the Khan and incorporate that word into a name…

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  • LOTRMod

    Hello there! What's all this about, then? Well, it's quite straighforward: ask Boyd anything in the comments of this post, and he will answer it for you.

    But it's Ask Boyd Anything, not Ask Mevans Anything, so please don't just ask him basic questions about the mod. That's not to say don't ask questions about the mod, but he wants to answer questions for Boyd, not Mevans.

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  • LOTRMod

    Well, the year of 2016 has come to an end, and in keeping with tradition, we have a Loremaster Shield to award to the top ten wiki contributors!

    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the way this works already, but just in case: this shield is a prize / reward / thank-you that we give to the ten people who have contributed most to the mod's wiki during the previous year.

    Only contributions to wiki articles are counted. Not comments, forum posts, forum replies, comments on the Updates page asking for your favourite faction, or suchlike. And it is not simply the number of edits which counts, but the volume of all edits - that is, the total amount of information you have contributed to articles over the entire course of the year.

    Now, these lengt…

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  • LOTRMod

    The Official Server is doing a full world reset soon , and we are giving players 2 weeks (until Saturday the 10th of September) to save their builds.

    If you don't have a Facebook account, you can post your builds on this wiki thread instead.

    Just leave a comment with the name of your build, the coordinates of the centre (X and Z), and the "square radius" of the build (distance from the centre to the furthest point). See this diagram if you don't understand. Thank you!

    If you don't give us all that information, then we might not be able to save your build.

    Also, if you post it anywhere other than this thread or as a message to the FB page, we won't see it and therefore your build won't be saved.

    Disclaimer: Saving your build is your own responsi…

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