Hello Everyone, I've decided to create a Map of Greater Rohan; Including Isengard, Dunland, The Adornland, Rohan and Fangorn

By now, many of you have seen Grevious' Mordor map. And I wanted to try and build on that (not to take away from his or replace) because many people out there might not have the time or the skills to re-create rohan. This is just the start, only including Isengard with; The Tower of Orthanc, Caverns of Isengard, Campsites and a re-done biome and wall.  It is available to be downloaded.

Just for the Beginning you will spawn just outside Nan-Curunir, on the path. Later on i will make a camp with supplies and fill out Structures with Resources. 

Here’s a list (so far), with descriptions, of the builds included:

  • The Tower of Orthanc - Orthanc was the black, impenetrable tower of Isengardd built by the Dunedain. By the Great Years and the War of the Ring, it was controlled by the wizard Saruman the White.
2019-04-17 00.45.03

Orthanc (180 Blocks Tall)

  • Wall of Isengard (Re-done) - the Ring of Isengard was a great wall of stone that ran out from the mountain-side and then back again. The only entrance to Isengard was found delved into the southern wall of Isengard. One entering Isengard would pass through its only gate, travel down the long tunnel and pass through the iron doors.
2019-04-17 00.46.43

  • Various Camps - Wool Tents with firepits, Wooden Structures and Flags
  • Caverns of Isenagrd - Saruman began delving into Isengard. He carved out caverns to house furnaces and forges for the manufacture of weapons and arms

The download link is here: Rohan Map

Enjoy! Please leave feeback. Next on the line is Dunland, if u have any ideas for how I should do this, or if i should add to Isengard please let me know.

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