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  • I live in Australia/Erebor
  • My occupation is Dwarf Lord of Durins Folk
  • I am Male
  • LordDainTheAwsome

    Hi all! 

    Here's a bit of fanfiction of sorts that I've been writing the last few months. It was just sort of lying around on my computor, so I supposed I could just post it here. Hope you enjoy!

    King Aragorn II Elessar

    It was on the time that the Dark Lord Sauron, last of Melkor’s true servants, was defeated,  that Aragorn Elessar, first of his name was crowned King of Gondor by Mithrandir, shortly before his departure to Valinor.  This began the 4th age by the Gondorian reckoning. Following a number of weeks of rebuilding the capital of Minas Tirith, and its surrounding areas (the Rammas, the walls of Osgiliath, etc.) he focussed on larger issues. The new Khan of the Golden Khaganate had already sent letters asking for peace, in an effort to…

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  • LordDainTheAwsome

    Here is a brief history of how the Lonely Mountain came to be, greatly researst by the gretest of Dwarven Geologists and Historians, compiled with information from the deepest archives of Erebor. :) If you're wondering why the text is so big, I made this on Durins Drive.

    It all started with one of the many volcanoes, with the Lonely Mountain being one of the biggest outlying ones of the volcano ranges in the north, later called the Grey Mountains. By that time it was one of the biggest (later found in the Mountains great size). But the, at the end of the first age, a lone elf came, screaming in pain, holding a beautiful jewel. It was Maedhros, one of the last children of Feanör, clutching a Silmaril in his burning hands. In utter despair, h…

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