I disciverd a way to get rid of middle earth lag for good without the need of Fastcraft.

Mods required



What to do in the luancher

Set the M1G into 4Gs if you have a 64Bit Pc

Set the M1G into 2Gs if you have 32Bit Pc

Optifine Video settings

Turn off all particles

Set the FOV to the highest

Render Distance 8

Mipmap levels to 0

Transparent blocks from fancy to fast

Graphics fast

Max FPS Unlimited

Smooth lighting to off

Smooth Fps on this stabilizes Fps

Chunk loading to multi core

Advanced OpenGL to fancy

Fog start 02

and turn regular fog to off

Fast math to on

Let me know if this worked becuase it worked for me so it should work for you as well :).

I would also recomend Orespawn so the lag will move into Orespawn dimensions instead of Middle earth.

This is my ultimate lag killer for the Lotr mod

also delete log files they tend to mess up things and take up too much room for your Pc.

Toggle BetterFPS to where its on the Algorithm mode

[1] Here is my tutorial video of this situation

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