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Here are some Minecraft screenshots of mine that I'm fond of.

Me on Mount Doom.png
When I reached Mount Doom. Find the Rohirric Warrior!
Easterling Town Street.png
The one thing I like about Rhudel is the towns.
Shaders Are Nice..png
I love shaders, even if my PC doesn't.
2021-03-21 19.12.44.png
A picture of my in my armour on AncarCraft, armour given to me by sda.
Amethyst Tree.png
A decorative tree made by me! Amethyst gives it a nice serene feel at night.
Sunset Mountains.png
A shattered savanna mountain, the sun descending, the peaks cloaked in fog...
Nether Sorcery Pack Tower.png
An evil looking tower, with mosaics of a Great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame! Made in survival with a data pack.

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