Ambience of Middle-earth is a music pack which adds the sounds of the world to Middle-earth. From a gentle breeze rolling across the shire, the staccato chatter of birds in the jungles of Harad, or the eerie sounds of water dripping from stalactites in a cave, this pack (hopefully!) adds a new element to the environment. 


It is highly recommended that this pack be used with an increased minimum time between music tracks (can be changed via "mods" button from Minecraft's main menu), or be used in conjunction with a second music pack. 

Due to the way the music system works, sometimes tracks will continue to play even if you've left the area they are meant to play in. If this bothers you too much, you can reset the music by going into your options, turning music off, returning to the game, and then going back to options to turn music back on. 


Ambience of Middle-earth can be downloaded here. Current version is Alpha 6.2


Any issues with sounds, such as birds in Mordor or painfully bad quality, can be reported here, as can suggestions for new sounds or the like.

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