Today I had the... Fortunate? Hardly. UNfortunate? Also not applicable... Let's go with interesting. Yeah, interesting. Well, as I was saying, today I had the interesting privilege of entering the Warhammer Universe(s). I was looking for a long while for a good, relatively cheap strategy game that I can join with little worry of being dominated. Not a "strategy" game like League of Legends, where it seems to be whoever can click fastest (actually, come to think of it, thats a LOT of the games out now) instead of using any brainpower whatsoever. I mean getting down and dirty into the game, commanding, sustaining, and building armies, kingdoms, etc. Most MMO games around this genre I have seen so far give a diagonal view of the battle, when there ever is one, and have you check in and out of the game every 12 or so hours, waiting for a few meager coins, or materials. Well, I happened to get a recommendation to the Warhammer Universes, and all I saw was demonic, gory, steampunk sensuality. No joke. The armor seemed thicker than a ships hull compared to the charecters. The shoulder-plates alone on some of the armor was four to five time bigger than the wearer's head(s). Except for females, who appeared to wear nothing save a thin sheet of metal, and with eyes that glowed like the Minecraft Herobrine's. And this was just the Human elemants in the game. There are quite a few more species to try out, like some wierd-looking ogres, another monster that looked like a rip-off of Peter Jackson's take on Goblins in the Hobbit Movies (except the Warhammer one's were green, with their guts, intestines, and several unrecognizable organ's hanging out of their bodies, somehow miraculously hanging on for dear life, or death, whichever). Then there were some wierd female skeletons with glaives (don't ask me how I know they were female... just don't) , who appeared dressed in tattered bath-robes, and supernaturally held on to their weapons and jaws (only then did I know the appearance of someone whose jaw is unhinged). All in all, it looked like steampunk porn and gore. I hope not to visit this universe ever again.

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