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Milton Friedman on Capitalism

Since Lenin (somehow) got hold of a computer and was posting stuff I figured I might as well ;)

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Happy New Years! (A little early)

The new year is almost here and it's the time people start thinking of their New Year resolutions. Like me, you may not make New Year resolutions, but I just wanted to challenge you(and myself) to read more books in this coming year.

In coming years there is a lot of things you will look back on and wish you hadn't done, but reading good books won't be one of them. Sadly, these days most people don't read much. Most people have never read Les Misérables or only seen the musical. Everyone has seen adaptions of A Christmas Carol but few have read Dicken's book A Tale of Two Cities. (It was the best of times, it was the worst of times) And I know few people have read The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, the sequel to Two Thousand Leagues Und…

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2016 in Books

Don't know if anybody else uses Goodreads to track books they have read but I figured i might as well see. ;) This year there is a special page that lets you see what your longest/shortest/most popular/least popular book was, your total number of pages, and total number of books.

Here is mine: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2016/58560326

Post yours below if you have an account. And if you don't you can still make one and add the books you have read this year*

*just make an account, search for the books you have read, add a rating, then go to your books read shelf and set the year you read them as 2016

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Making Money Online

Hey guys, Recently I have been trying to find some more ways to earn money online. So I wanted to ask: what websites would you recommend?

Here is a list of websites I have tried and enjoyed:

Swagbucks is one of the websites I tried out first. While it is not the best site for earning lots I have earned +30 dollars in the last year doing it on and off. Points are given you for different tasks and surveys with 100 points equaling $1. Points can be redeemed for all types of gift cards though I normally get Amazon cards. While earning is rather slow, the offers on it are sometimes worth your time. Once I got a offer that you paid $17 for 3 months of Audible (which gives you a free audio book every month) and after those 3 months gave you back $2…

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Who are your favorite wiki staff members?

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