JEI LOTR for LOTR Renewed-1.1

I officially announce the JEI plugin for LOTR Renewed - JEI LOTR.

If you didn't know, NEI (NotEnoughItems) doesn't exist at 1.15.2 anymore, instead, there is JEI (JustEnoughItems).

Feature-wise they are comparable, so nothing to worry about.

To make it compatible with the LOTR Mod, a plugin is needed, which I just made - JEI LOTR.

The benefit of JEI LOTR is, that JEI has a much better structure as NEI, and thus NEI Recipe Handlers isn't neeeded anymore - just the LOTR Mod, JEI and JEI LOTR.

JEI LOTR is open source and licensed under the GPL 3.0.

For further announcements, a help-channel and so on, join the official Discord server: https://discord.gg/37GanUf

The wiki also has an announcement thread (https://lotrminecraftmod.fandom.com/wiki/Thread:…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 31 January

MPM LOTR - More Player Models now fully works with the LOTR Mod

Ever installed MPM with the LOTR Mod and experienced the weird blackscreen?

This can be fixed by disabeling the PoV setting from MPM, but sadly, that also disables that feature, which means that for example if you choose the Balrog model, your "Point of View" (PoV) is stil the player one, not the high Point of View a Balrof (or any comparable large model) would have.

I created a small mod which fixes that - MPM-LOTR. Just download it and drop it into your mods folder, voila.

  • v35.3/v35.4 of the LOTR Mod
  • 1.7.10b of MPM (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/more-player-models/files/2242988)

  • Download: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mpm-lotr
  • Sourcecode: https://github.com/CraftedMods/mpm-lotr
  • Issue tracker: https://github.com/Cra…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 3 January

NEI Emmaitar - a Not Enough Items plugin for Emmaitar

Playing on a server with Emmaitar but wondering how many paintings they have?

Well, here's the solution, use the brand new NEI plugin for Emmaitar (well, it's not that new, but anyway ...)!

You don't know what Emmaitar is? It's an awesome mod from Mevans itself, which allows the addition of custom paintings to Minecraft.

  • 1 Features
  • 2 Screenshots
  • 3 Installation
    • 3.1 Requirements
  • 4 Important Links and Download

  • Integrates the painting recipes in NEI crafting and usage mode - with displaying the actual painting
  • Adds a painting button to the crafting table which - upon clicking it - shows every painting registered via Emmaitar
  • Contains an integrated version checker which notifies you about new versions

  1. Make sure the required mods are installed (see below)
  2. Downlo…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 27 November 2016

Music Pack Creator: Beta 1.0

The announcement thread for Music Pack Creator can be found here .

Beta 30 introduced custom music packs, which allow you, to add music to the world of Middle-Earth. But creating one is not that easy or fast than it could be - especially for big ones, or if you don't have much time.

And therefore, Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce Music Pack Creator, a program that allows you, to create music packs in a faster and more user-friendly way.

What means 'a more user-friendly way'? Music Pack Creator contains a GUI, a graphical user interface, in which you can add your tracks, change some settings and export the whole pack with a few clicks. No JSON clutter, and no need to pack the tracks in a .zip: Music Pack Creator does all the work for you.

Music Pack C…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 8 March 2016

ImageUtil: Scale images and create GIF's

Some time ago I asked in this thread, whether a tool which helps to scale images and create GIF-animations would be useful. A user (GandalftheTurquoise) said, that something like this would be "much more efficient". So I announce ImageUtil, a tool which can scale images and create GIF-animations in an easy way. It is divided in three "modules":
With the first module, you can scale images to a speficied size or by a factor.
The second module helps you, to create GIF-animations: You also can specify the delay between the images and whether the animation should loop continuously.
The third module, the "Wiki-Module", allows you to scale images and "combine" them to a GIF-animation with one single (and very simple) GUI. See blow for more informations.


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