I officially announce the JEI plugin for LOTR Renewed - JEI LOTR.

If you didn't know, NEI (NotEnoughItems) doesn't exist at 1.15.2 anymore, instead, there is JEI (JustEnoughItems).

Feature-wise they are comparable, so nothing to worry about.

To make it compatible with the LOTR Mod, a plugin is needed, which I just made - JEI LOTR.

The benefit of JEI LOTR is, that JEI has a much better structure as NEI, and thus NEI Recipe Handlers isn't neeeded anymore - just the LOTR Mod, JEI and JEI LOTR.

JEI LOTR is open source and licensed under the GPL 3.0.

For further announcements, a help-channel and so on, join the official Discord server:

The wiki also has an announcement thread (, which will be continued.

Important links:

Jei-lotr faction ct support
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