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Beta 30 introduced custom music packs, which allow you, to add music to the world of Middle-Earth. But creating one is not that easy or fast than it could be - especially for big ones, or if you don't have much time.

And therefore, Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce Music Pack Creator, a program that allows you, to create music packs in a faster and more user-friendly way.

What means 'a more user-friendly way'? Music Pack Creator contains a GUI, a graphical user interface, in which you can add your tracks, change some settings and export the whole pack with a few clicks. No JSON clutter, and no need to pack the tracks in a .zip: Music Pack Creator does all the work for you.

Download and Installation:

Music Pack Creator needs Java 8. You can find it here:

If you've installed Java 8, you can download the current version of Music Pack Creator.

To start the program, double-click the downloaded file (Music Pack Creator Beta 1.0.jar).


Music Pack Creator should be very easy to use (shame on me if not), so I'll just tell basic informations:

If you've started the program, the GUI should look like this (the Look and Feel of the GUI mostly depends on the platform; I used Windows 10 for the Screenshots):


A music pack consists of one or more tracks. To add a track, press the button "Add" in the section tracks, which should open a new "Track Editor" dialog:


First you have to specify the path of the track (a .ogg file), and an optional title. A track must be assigned to at least one region. You can add regions by pressing the button "Add" in the section "Regions", which opens a dialog similar to this one. You can also add the author (etc.) of the track, and finally press the "Save" button, which adds the track to the music pack.

If you've added all tracks you wanted to add, you can export the music pack by pressing "Export Music Pack". Now you should find a .zip at the location specified by you, which contains the music.json and all tracks you've added.

Now copy the .zip in the folder "lotrmusic" at your Minecraft installation (usually .minecraft), and start Minecraft.

Here are some more remarks:

  • Data marked with a "*" (without "") are required
  • The program has an integrated version checker, that notifies you about new versions
  • If you want more informations about the data of the track, hover with the mouse above the corresponding input components to show a short tooltip

If you want to provide feedback, report bugs/errors/crashes (please with some informations that help me, to example crash reports), or suggest some improvements, feel free to do it! You can post them either here or on my Message Wall.

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