Playing on a server with Emmaitar but wondering how many paintings they have?

Well, here's the solution, use the brand new NEI plugin for Emmaitar (well, it's not that new, but anyway ...)!

You don't know what Emmaitar is? It's an awesome mod from Mevans itself, which allows the addition of custom paintings to Minecraft.


  • Integrates the painting recipes in NEI crafting and usage mode - with displaying the actual painting
  • Adds a painting button to the crafting table which - upon clicking it - shows every painting registered via Emmaitar
  • Contains an integrated version checker which notifies you about new versions



  1. Make sure the required mods are installed (see below)
  2. Download the plugin from CurseForge or Github (see below)
  3. Start the game


Important Links and Download

If you find issues, experience crashes and so on, just open a new issue at the issue tracker linked above.

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