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But the Orcs laughed with loud voices; and a hail of darts and arrows whistled over the wall […].

The Two Towers, Helm's Deep

(see also: Bow)

The Utumno Bow is a Bow that is only wielded by Utumno Orc Archers and Tormented Elves. It is the main ranged weapon in the pits of Utumno, the other being the Utumno spear.


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
20 8-14 ( 8  to  14  14 ) 125%


This bow is the hardest bow to obtain. Firstly, it's the only bow in the mod that you cannot craft. Secondly, it can only be obtained from Orcs in Utumno, a notoriously difficult place to access (to get there requires a long trip through the chilly Forodwaith). Thirdly, when you do manage to get the bow, you will have to get to the depths of Utumno and slay many foes in order to get out of the dungeon -- unless you die instead, in which case, you won't be able to bring your bow back home.

For all that, when you do get the bow and shoot with it, you'll find that it can deal the same amount of damage as the Black Uruk Bow, and it shoots significantly faster -- in fact, it does more damage than almost any other bow in the game (with the exception of the bow of Harad, and the Elven bows).

Although the Utumno Bow can't be crafted, it can be repaired on an anvil using orc steel ingots and experience, suggesting that it is in fact made out of orc steel.

Balrog.png  The Armies of Utumno  Melkor Plate.png

(Located under Forodwaith, after walking through the Pits)


First Floor: Ice SpiderOrc (Archer) • Warg (Ice)
Second Floor: Orc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Obsidian)
Third Floor: BalrogOrc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Fire)

Armour & Equipment:

ArmourBalrog WhipEquipmentPickaxe of the Underworld


First Floor: Ice Brick (Glowing) • Ice Pillar
Second Floor: Obsidian Brick (Fiery) • Obsidian Pillar
Third Floor: Fire Brick (Burning)• Fire Pillar


KeyMelkor PlateFlame of UdûnChill of Daedelos