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This article describes the common Wargs found in Utumno. Special types of Utumno Warg include Ice, Obsidian, and Fire Wargs.

The Utumno Warg is a type of Warg that spawns in all levels of Utumno. It is looks identical to the normal Warg which spawns in Middle-earth, except with more combat strength and health points.

Upon killing an Utumno Warg, the player earns the achievement "The Hounds of Hell".


Like most Wargs, these creatures are fast and aggressive. However, since the player cannot gain positive alignment with the Utumno faction, these Wargs are not tameable or rideable, and they cannot be armoured. They are stronger and have more health than the normal wargs found in Middle-Earth.

As such, Utumno Wargs, will attack any mobs or player that do not naturally spawn in Utumno.


Utumno Wargs usually drop common Warg items such as fur, Warg bones, and sometimes Wargskin rugs.

They will also be able to drop pieces of keys and other rare Utumno loot.

Balrog.png  The Armies of Utumno  Melkor Plate.png

(Located under Forodwaith, after walking through the Pits)


First Floor: Ice SpiderOrc (Archer) • Warg (Ice)
Second Floor: Orc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Obsidian)
Third Floor: BalrogOrc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Fire)

Armour & Equipment:

ArmourBalrog WhipEquipmentPickaxe of the Underworld


First Floor: Ice Brick (Glowing) • Ice Pillar
Second Floor: Obsidian Brick (Fiery) • Obsidian Pillar
Third Floor: Fire Brick (Burning)• Fire Pillar


KeyMelkor PlateFlame of UdûnChill of Daedelos