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You might as well be looking for grapevines, which is a crop.

This page describes a feature from vanilla Minecraft.

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Vines are a vanilla block that spawns on the sides of blocks, mostly on tree trunks and leaves. Besides of grapevines, which is a crop and not described here, the Mod adds two more variants of vines: Willow vines and Mirkwood vines. All three can be harvested with shears for future use.

A willow tree with a lot of vines.


Mostly, vines are used for decorations. They can be placed by right-clicking on the side of a block and start to grow down from there over time.

Grown vines, that are attached to the side of a block, can be used like a ladder to climb up. This is most useful in the jungle to climb up cliffs and trees, where vines grow naturally in abundance.

Ranger crafting recipe

An example for how to make mossy brick.

Ranger Crafting
Arnor Brick
any vines
Mossy Arnor Brick

All three vine variants can be used to craft various mossy bricks. Just put one of any vine and the standard variant of the desired brick onto the respective crafting table to obtain the mossy variant.