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Vodka is the most powerful drink in the Mod; even a weak potency vodka has an alcoholicity of 4.38%, making drunkenness more than likely – fun when you're with your Hobbit (or Orc) friends, but not so good if you've got a battle coming up. However, true chads drink three mugs of aged vodka before a boss battle and use their bare hands to fight. While not recommended, this tactic has actually been proven successful. Vodka is also a good alcoholic drink to drink if you want to get the Alcoholic's Shield.


Vodka can be brewed in a barrel, using the customary three water buckets as well as six potatoes. As for all alcoholic drinks, there are five subsequent potency steps to the brewing process: weak, light, moderate, strong, and potent. Every accomplished step increases the vodka's alcoholicity and effects.

brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket


Vodka can be bought from Dalish merchants and Easterling brewers. It can also be found in Dalish structures and Gruk's House.


Vodka will not give you advantageous effects when consumed other than partly filling up your hunger bar depending upon its potency. It can still be consumed when your hunger bar is full. Vodka will probably, however, give you the Nausea effect, with probability and duration equally depending upon the potency. This is the most powerful alcoholic beverage in the Mod, which means that the effect can last up to six minutes. The only possibility to reduce these negative effects is building up alcohol tolerance.

Potency Alcoholicity Hunger Restored Saturation
Weak 4.38% 1food 0.6 (1bread)
Light 8.75% 2food 0.9 (1bread)
Moderate 17.5% 3food 1.8 (2bread)
Strong 35% 6food 3 (3bread)
Potent 52.5% 9food 4.5 (5bread)

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