The Wargs and the goblins often helped one another in wicked deeds. […] Then they often got the Wargs to help and shared the plunder with them. Sometimes they rode on wolves like men do on horses.

The Hobbit, Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

Wargs are large, bloodthirsty wolves of mysterious origin and evil purpose. They resemble wolves, but are larger and more intelligent. They are often found being ridden by Orcs, though they also pose a significant danger on their own.

Killing a Warg earns the achievement "Warg Slayer".

Warg RacesEdit

As with Orcs, there are many different races of Wargs, corresponding to the different factions. Most Orc races breed their own Warg race as mounts.

These Warg races are identical in most ways; however, the alignment bonuses and penalties for killing them are different, since they are aligned with different factions. The armour they may wear and the alignment you need to ride them is also different.

Gundabad WargsEdit

These Wargs ravage the wild lands to the North of Middle-earth, along with their Orcish allies. They do not use Warg armour, and can be any of the four colour types shown below. They can be hired from chieftains (with or without riders), who can be found in camps.

Gundabad Wargs are significantly faster than other Warg types, regardless of colour.


(during night-time only)

They can also spawn as part of a Gundabad invasion.

Angmar WargsEdit

These fierce northern Wargs are the allies and mounts of the Orcs of Angmar. They use Angmar Warg armour (Angmar Warg Armour) and can be any of the four colour types for Middle-earth Wargs. They can be hired from chieftains, who dwell at the pinnacles of towers.


They can also spawn as part of an Angmar invasion, along with the destructive Warg bombardiers.

Isengard WargsEdit

These ferocious creatures are the mounts of the Snaga of Isengard. They use Uruk Warg armour (WargArmourUruk) and can be any of the four colour types for Middle-earth Wargs. They can be hired from chieftains in Isengard orc camps.


(day and night)

They can also spawn as part of an Isengard invasion, along with the deadly Warg bombardiers.

Mordor WargsEdit

The mounts of the Orcs of Mordor, these Wargs use Mordor Warg armour (WargArmourOrc) and are always black in colour. They can be hired from Mordor Orc chieftains.


As with Mordor Orcs, the chance of being attacked by these creatures decreases the higher your Mordor Alignment gets. When your alignment reaches +100, they will no longer target you.

They can also spawn as part of a Mordor (or Black Uruk) invasion, along with the deadly Warg bombardiers.

Utumno WargsEdit

These beasts spawns in all the levels of Utumno. They have 40 (20 x 2hearts), which is more than double any other Warg type. It shares the fundamental behaviour of other Wargs, but it cannot be tamed, which means it cannot be ridden or armoured by the player. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to get a positive Utumno alignment.

Appearance Edit

Wargs are found in four different fur colours:

  • Brown - the most common colour. Around 63% of all Wargs are brown.
  • Grey - around 32% of all Wargs.
  • Black - quite rare. Around 5% of Wargs are black, with the exception of Mordor Wargs, which are all black.
  • White - extremely rare. Only 0.2% (1 in 500) Wargs are white Wargs.

The colour of a Warg has no effect on its health, speed, strength, or any other property.

There are also three special Warg types that are only used for Utumno Wargs:

  • Utumno Ice Wargs - found on the first level of Utumno. These Wargs inflict a freezing effect when they attack.
  • Utumno Obsidian Wargs - found on the second level of Utumno.
  • Utumno Fire Wargs - found on the third level of Utumno. These Wargs are immune to fire, and inflict a burning effect when they attack.

All Wargs, like Orcs, have eyes that glow in the dark.


The Warg is capable of running at great speeds, can execute powerful attacks, and is known to swim. However, the Warg cannot jump, which makes for a severe weakness in mountainous biomes. They have 18-40 (10hearts8hearts to 20 x 2hearts) of health and can move faster than a sprinting player. Don't get too complacent, however, because Wargs, as fast as they are, can not run faster then the mounted Riders of Rohan, except for the swiftest Gundabad Wargs; if you are on a Warg and the Rohirrim are chasing you down, you can only stand and fight – or get shot down by their mounted archers.

If you have a negative alignment with the faction that the Warg is part of, the Warg will sniff you out from 32 blocks away, and will attack. However, if your alignment is positive or neutral towards the type of Warg that you are near (i.e. if you have positive or neutral Angmar alignment and are near an Angmar Warg), it will ignore you unless provoked. They will also attack any nearby good NPCs.

Unoccupied Wargs will chase down rabbits and deer occasionally. They don't eat the meat, but leave it lying around on the ground for the player to collect.

As stated before, Wargs have a longer tracking range than is normal for mobs; instead of the typical 16 blocks, a Warg will be able to hunt you down within a 32-block range. Wargs spawned as part of an invasion (see below) have an even greater tracking range.


If a faction uses Wargs, then that faction's Wargs are capable of spawning during an invasion. As with naturally-spawned Wargs, they have a much greater sight range than normal NPCs, but because they were spawned as part of an invasion, their sight range is further increased. In addition, invasions may spawn a type of Warg which doesn't spawn naturally.

Warg InvasionsEdit

All the factions that use Wargs are capable of sending Warg invasions, as well. A Warg invasion is the same as any other invasion, except that every unit in the invasion is an unridden and unarmoured Warg.

Warg typesEdit

Aside from the standard Warg, there are three other types of Warg that may appear in the mod:

Warg ridersEdit

2014-08-03 22.16.12

Black Warg (left) and Uruk Crossbow Warg riders (right)

Sometimes, Orcs spawn riding atop Wargs. When Orcs ride the Wargs, the Warg controls how both mobs move. For this reason, Orcs do not require saddles in order to successfully use Wargs in combat.

When close enough to a foe, the Warg and its rider will both start attacking, unless the mounted unit is a ranged unit, in which case attacks start from a distance of 10 meters (from the mounted unit only). If the Warg is slain, then the rider will jump around for a bit before proceeding to attack using its regular AI.

If you're up against a Warg mounted by an evil NPC, the best strategy is to attack the Warg if the unit on it is a regular Orc or an Orc Archer or Uruk.

Prior to Public Beta 26, Uruks were capable of riding Wargs.

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Warg riders

Warg BombardiersEdit

Main article: Warg Bombardier

Warg Bombardiers are Wargs equipped with Orc Bombs that perform a devastating suicide attack. Each faction that uses Orc Bombs has a Warg Bombardier.

Armoured WargsEdit

Armoured Wargs are simply Wargs equipped with armour, and are used by Angmar, Mordor, and Isengard. Their behaviour is the same as that of normal Wargs, but their armour makes them much tougher to kill. Armoured Wargs may spawn naturally when ridden by another unit, in which case they have about a 10% chance of being armoured, or they can be hired. Wargs that aren't being ridden by another unit won't wear armour.


At an alignment level of +50 with the respective faction, you become able to ride their Wargs. In order to ride a Warg you must first tame it. To do this, you're going to have to do what you would do to tame a horse; get on the Warg over and over until it likes you (feeding it meat can make it like you faster). Tamed Wargs do not despawn.

To ride the Warg, the player needs to put a saddle (Saddle) on it. Riding a Warg is similar to riding a horse; by default, the player right-clicks to mount, uses the WASD keys to move, and the left shift button to dismount. Note that if a NPC attacked the Warg the player is riding, the Warg will bite the NPC and do 3 (3hearts) to an unarmored NPC when the player is still riding the Warg.

You can heal a tamed Warg by feeding it meat - this includes raw meat, cooked meat, and even rotten flesh (Rotten Flesh). Just like the wolves in vanilla Minecraft, the angle of the Warg's tail shows how much health it has.

You can also equip a tamed Warg with Warg armour to give it a formidable boost in strength.


Wargs can also be hired from the Gundabad, Uruk, Angmar, and Mordor factions at an alignment of +150 for a price of twenty silver coins (Silver Coin).

Advantages Disadvantages
A very fast unit Somewhat weak if unarmoured
Can be ridden by another unit; a Warg ridden by an archer/crossbower can be a formidable opponent indeed, combining a ranged attack from the rider and a melee attack from the Warg No ranged attack unless mounted by a ranged unit
Can be hired from most evil factions; Gundabad Wargs especially are easy to replace if lost Warg-riders can become somewhat expensive
Quite inexpensive Can't fit through single-width doors
Not weakened by sunlight (unlike most Orcs) Doesn't deal especially much damage compared to most units


When slain, Wargs drop their fur (Fur), which can be used in crafting fur armour (HelmetWarg), as well as bones (WargBone) which can either be crafted into four pieces of bonemeal or sold to Galadhrim Traders.

They may also rarely drop a Wargskin rug (WargskinRugs) of their fur colour. These can be used for decoration. A Warg has a 1 in 50 chance of dropping its skin when killed.

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