Warg pits are pit-like structures, which spawn Wargs and a Orc/Uruk holding a lead. This structure is very similar to the Spider Pit, only with wargs in place of spiders. The Orc holding the lead doesn't do anything special and doesn't sell troops unlike Mordor spider keepers do inside their spider pits.

Spawning Edit

There are three different variants of Warg pits: The Uruk Warg pit, the Mordor Warg pit and the Angmar Warg pit. The Uruk Warg pits are found in the Rohan Uruk Highlands, the Mordor variety in Mordor and the Angmar variety in Angmar.

Interior Edit

The Warg pits will usually spawn 2-6 Wargs and a Uruk or an Orc (depending on the type of warg pit) holding a lead.

Just like the Mordor spider pits it is suggested for players negatively aligned with Mordor to stay away from these structures, because if they fall in, they will be ambushed by multiple Wargs at once. The Wargs are very quick, so unless you plan on fighting them, you'd want to get out as soon as possible. Luckily, there is a ladder you may use to climb out of the pit. However, the pits are surrounded by fences, so it is quite hard to fall in accidentally as long as you are not riding a mount.

There are chests that can be found in Warg pits. These are guarded by Wargs so in order to get to the chest alive, you must be positively aligned with the appropriate faction or defeat the Wargs inside the pit. These loot chests will usually contain leads, rotten flesh, raw food, bones, saddlesmaggoty bread and skeleton skulls.


An Angmar Warg Pit


An Isengard Warg Pit

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