The Wargskin Rug is a decorative placeable trophy item, rarely dropped by all types of Warg. Each colour of Warg (white, black, brown, grey, ice, obsidian, and fire) has its own rug.


A Wargskin rug can be obtained by killing several Wargs. Because brown Wargs are the most common, brown Wargskin rugs are usually the easiest to obtain, followed by grey, black, and very rarely white. When a warg is killed, it has a 1 in 50 chance to drop its skin. If one wishes to get one, the best way is to fight a Warg invasion, as they can spawn about 30-70 Wargs in a short period of time.


They also have basically the same skin, except the wargskin rug is extremely flattened. Some people even reported that it growls... But dead Wargs can't growl... can they?


  • Wargskin Rugs can catch fire when they touch a fire block or get hit by a flaming arrow, so don't put them directly in front of your fireplace.

Some Wargskin rugs on the floor

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